All Together, All Alone

This is a short play I wrote. It was well received by my drama class, so I decided to share it. The play is complete and has seven acts. I shall post the rest if people express interest in this, so if you like it please review. Constructive criticism is also appreciated, but please keep in mind there are a few things about the play which may seem slightly off but will be explained later. The three main characters introduced in this act are Jazzy Cohen, Patricia Snow, and Kim Hirozuka. All are seventeen and female. In terms of appearance, Trish wears dark, ill-fitting clothes, Kim wears all black, and Jazzy wears very bright colours and has scarring around her left eye. The rest will either be explained or is best left up to imagination.

Act I, Scene I
No specific location, TRISH on stage.

TRISH: I feel like a computer, some kind of machine. One wire disconnected, one part outdated, one missed connection that keeps the message from getting through. A technical error.

Act I, Scene II
School bus, KIM sitting.

KIM: It's not so much that I feel I'm in the wrong country as I do that I'm on the wrong planet. You'll probably never know my name, but you'll have a million other things to call me. The year is two-thousand-and-eight - nine years since I came to this country and four years until the end of the world. It's my first day of school in a new city and I'm watching the other people on the bus like they're science experiments. I'm wondering what they'll do just before the world ends, what they'll care about enough to spend that last day on. I don't even really care about the cause anymore - I think it was asteroids or something, a giant rock colliding with the earth and shattering us like another, even more insignificant rock… because really, that's what we are, right? But when you add that asteroid, that variable, that time-limit-factor, how's that going to disrupt the normal, pointless, everyday stuff? That guy in a business suit. (points off stage) Will he still go to work? Or will he break routine, spend it around his family? Or maybe he has no family. Maybe he'll walk out to the reservoir, business suit and all, and it will be a nice day and he'll think how nice it would be to just jump into the water and swim, and he'll act on that impulse, get his suit sopping wet just because he can.

Act I, Scene III
School hallway.
Some extras on stage.

(Enter JAZZY from stage left.)

JAZZY: Well, here's the place. One last year of hell.

(Enter KIM from stage right.)

KIM (walking in JAZZY's direction): Oh man, there are so many people. Another place where no one is going to have any idea who I am. (bumps into a student) Hey, ouch!

(Enter TRISH stage right, crossing stage table. Some people are staring at her. She looks at them and they quickly turn away, mumbling. She sits down at the table.)

KIM: I mean, yeah, I'll probably get a reputation as that kid who sits in the back of the class, wears all black, and never talks, but they won't remember my name. And there will be rumors, obviously, and probably most of them will be true, but if attention means people whispering rather than actually trying to have a conversation with you, why would anyone want –

(KIM bumps into JAZZY)

Both KIM and JAZZY: Hey! Watch where you're going!

JAZZY: (pointing to injured eye): (sarcastically) Yeah. I'll keep THAT in mind next time.

KIM: Oh. Um, I… I didn't –

JAZZY: Whatever.

KIM: You're blind?

JAZZY: Eh, mostly. And if you're one of those people who's going to ask me how I see, I'm warning you –

KIM: I wasn't going to.

JAZZY. Oh. My name's Jazzy, by the way.

KIM: Kim.

JAZZY: No, it's definitely Jazzy.

KIM: I meant –

JAZZY: I'm kidding.

(They walk over to the table where TRISH is sitting.)

(JAZZY sits down in empty chair.)

JAZZY: (To TRISH) Hi. (To KIM) C'mon.

(KIM sits down.)

JAZZY: So, this is how it is. It's my first day here, and I know nobody. (Points to KIM) You're alone. (Points to TRISH) You're also alone. So we are going to be alone together until I find out whether or not you people suck.

TRISH: (looks up) You know what? That's refreshingly direct. Let's do that. I'm Trish. (To KIM) You are?

KIM: Kim.

JAZZY: Jazzy.

TRISH: Well, Jazzy and Kim, I'd say welcome, but that's not really the right word. My condolences would be more fitting.

KIM: This school's really that awful?

JAZZY: Aren't they all?

KIM: Well, I mean, there are worse places you could be.

JAZZY: Yeah, I guess.


A/N: Sorry not so much happened in this act. It builds up a lot as it goes on. Please let me know if there are any formatting errors, because this is my first time writing a serious play. Thank you for reading, and it would mean a lot to me to hear what you think about it.

-rust phoenix