Thank you for the reviews, rage of aquarius! I was not expecting to get any so soon, and it was a wonderful surprise! As promised, here is the final chapter. The song 'A Quitter' by Rasputina was playing during some of these scenes when this was performed at school.

Act VII, Scene I
JAZZY and KIM in a hospital waiting room.

KIM: I should have figured it out earlier.

JAZZY: At least you FIGURED it out.

KIM: She told us not to blame ourselves.

JAZZY: We're her FRIENDS! We should have been able to tell something was wrong! (Pause) But I only ever think about myself, don't I? Man, I'd make a terrible doctor.

KIM: Are you kidding? You're one of the smartest people in the school!

JAZZY: (very frustrated) Then why am I so STUPID?


KIM: Maybe if I wasn't so obsessed with the end of the world, I would have been able to see what was happening in the present. Maybe I... maybe I could have helped her.

JAZZY: (quietly) Do you think she'll be okay?

KIM: The doctors said –

JAZZY: No, I mean... Okay okay.

KIM: I don't know.


JAZZY: The one thing everyone seems to have in common... is loneliness. (pause) That's so ironic it hurts.

(JAZZY and KIM enter TRISH's hospital room. TRISH is in bed.)

JAZZY and KIM: Are you okay? Trish? Trish?

TRISH: I think you should go.

JAZZY and KIM: But Trish! You need us!

TRISH: I needed you. But now… I think this is something I have to do on my own.

JAZZY and KIM: But we saved you!

TRISH: I saved myself. Now I have to find out what that means. (pause) I'm seventeen. I shouldn't need imaginary friends anymore.

KIM: If you need us –

JAZZY: - We'll be there.

(JAZZY and KIM exit.)

(TRISH sits alone for a moment. Lights dim.)

(A series of very short scenes with no movement or sound.)

(TRISH sits at a table by herself.)

(TRISH in jail by herself.)

(TRISH in her room, sitting on bed, looking at photo.)

(TRISH at cemetery.)

(TRISH at school by self.)

(TRISH buying alcohol.)

(TRISH in room on floor, reaching for phone.)

(Back to present, TRISH in hospital bed.)

Act VII, Scene II
Trish is standing on a blank stage wearing white clothes. Three figures twirl behind her, wearing masks. The figures are dressed in colourful, flowing clothes.

TRISH: I guess you can read into it what you want – all the possibilities for made-up friends, and my mind chooses the one who can't see and the one who can't communicate. I'm not blind. I speak English fine. My parents are divorced and I live with my mom. Five times a week I go to school wearing my dead brother's clothes, and I sit in the back of the class. I could be a genius. I could be a complete idiot. I could be anything at all, but no one will ever know because I never talk. When my mom asks me about school, sometimes I'll tell her about my friends. I ask to hang out with them on weekends. I meet them at the train station, and we ride all over the city with no destination in mind. In real life, I'm alone. I'm alone, and I'm scared, and I'm sad, and I'm alive.

Act VII, Scene IV
Trish is facing someone unseen behind a desk, so it is ambiguous who she is speaking to.

TRISH: If it's okay with you... if you're not busy... uh, do you still want to talk?

(Lights go down.)