Dinner came much faster than I wanted it to come. My whole day was filled with Scratch and Robin bouncing around the room, putting odd smelling gells in my hair and weird feeling creams on my face, constantly flipping through pages of magazines and holding pictures up to my face. The conversations were little between me and them, but they would have little mini conversations about me.

"She has such a Julia Stiles face..." Scratch would comment, to which Robin would say back:

"No, I would say it's more of a Drew Barrymore look..." And then they would stare at me for a few moments, deciding who's face I really had. They compared me to more than half a dozen actresses, most of them I didn't know. Sometimes they would mess up on my hair and make me go rinse out all the gels and hairspray under the sink in the bathroom. By the second hour, I had already washed my hair out three times and we had made the hole in the ozone layer about a foot bigger around from all the hairspray.

It was a trying activity to sit on my bed quietly quietly (except for a few squeals of pain from the hair straightener catching my ear) while Scratch and Robin dug around in a plastic bag they had of makeup, but when Robin held the small white mirror in front of my face, I looked more beautiful then I ever remember looking. My blue hair had been arranged perfectly to shape my face, the lime green stripe in my bangs falling just over my left eye. The eye make up was a smokey gray color, making my light blue eyes a burst of color. "Wow..." I said, touching my face softly to make sure that it was really me I was looking at. Both Robin and Scratch sqealed in excitement.

"Just one last touch!" Scratch said, digging her hand into the bag until she pulled out a small red tube. "Lip gloss..." She smiled and applied it to my lips slowly. "Pucker.... Now rub them together... Smile.... Perfect!" She threw her hands up into the air as Robin hurried over to my backpack and pulled out the black and white dress. She laid the dress next to me on the bed and then both her and Scratch turned there backs to me, almost as if they had rehersed this before hand. "You have ten minutes to change into the dress before we turn around!" Scratch said after a few moments. I quickly got off my bed and took off the t-shirt and baggy pants I had been wearing before. The dress was a bit snug, but I fit into it pretty well. Plus, the snugness pushed my boobs up, so it was a win-win situation. Once I got the dress all secured around my body, I spun around, letting it fly up slightly. It didn't go high enough to show what I had on underneath it, but it came up enough for me to wish that I had on sexier underwear than what I was wearing. Pushing that thought out of my mind, I straightened out the dress and then cleared my throat. "Um... I'm done." I said quietly.

"Well, that's good, because you had about thirty seconds left before we turned arou- Oh my god, you look gorgeous!" Scratch exclaimed, her hands going to the side of her face.

Robin gasped. "Jimmy is going to love you!" The very name sent a small shiver of happiness and nervousness through my body. She was going to go eat dinner with Jimmy. This was, apparently, the closest thing they had to a date in Parkside, and she was going on one with the most popular guy there. She sighed, thinking again that only something like this could happen in a psychiatric hospital.

Was I really ready for this? I was here because of Jensen... And now I'm about to go on a "date" with Jimmy? On my second day? It seemed so surreal... Was I over Jensen? Of course not... Three days ago I had tried to kill myself over him. I still had the bandages on my wrists to prove it. Then why was I doing this...?

For a distraction?

"Sloane?" Robin asked, knocking myself back into reality. I looked at her and gave her a small smile, which was just enough of a sign that I was okay to her. She looked me over for a few more minutes. "You're missing something... I just can't figure out wh- You need a necklace..." She turned around and ran over to her bed. She threw off the two pillows she had laying on it and uncovered a small wooden box. She opened it and shifted around through all the necklaces and rings that layed in it until she uncovered a small black peice of ribbon. She came near me and wrapped the ribbon around my neck tight enough so that it stayed, but loose enough so that I could still breath. She took and step back and both her and Robin examined me.

"Perfect!" They both said at the same time and then giggled. Outside of room, we started hearing the shuffling footsteps of people going down the hall to the cafeteria all together. Dinner time. Robin took my hand and the three of us started shuffling out together, too. Word had gotten around pretty quickly that me and Jimmy had a dinner date, so most eyes were on me as we made out way down there.

"Jimmy's probably laready there..." Scratch whispered and I nodded as we saw the dinning hall doors. "Good luck!" Scratch and Robin went through the doors along with everybody else as I waited for them all to pass by me. I had spent to long on looking this good to just enter in with everybody else. I grinned as the last few people walked inside. I straightened out my dress and the ribbon around my neck and then put my hands on the door. "Ready, Jimmy?" I asked outloud, a small grin forming across my face as I pushed the door open and everybody's head turned in my direction.

Ooh, that was a little mean of me. I promise that the next chapter will be especially long and it WILL have Sloane and Jimmy's date in it! Thank you for reading!