Well guys, guess what? I gave my teacher some of my poems to read and she figured out that I had an account on fictionpress and fanfiction too. She now knows that I'm a online published author and she told my whole writing class. I doubt anyone remembers the name to this website but if you do and you are reading this, thanks but could you please not tell others? This is a private thing I wanted to keep for myself because I didn't want people to judge me. Please respect my wishes.

(Insert Title Here)

You're the very wings,

That can make me fly.

And I fell harder and harder,

As more time passed by.

I was only the best friend,

always by your side.

So about my feeling for you,

I had always lied.

But the one time I stopped,

and ran to your house.

I told you the whole truth,

with tears on my blouse.

You looked so shocked,

and then finally you sighed.

you told me my feelings of,

affection were being denied.

You apologize quickly and,

a farewell you bide.

leaving me alone

with my tears as I cried.

It was too late,

when I realized you moved on.

leaving me in the dust,

thinking of you every dawn.

The day you left,

rain clouds covered the sky.

You left the one that cared the most

without even a goodbye.

I learned from our journey,

And I have one more thing to say.

This is the simple lesson,

That stopped me from begging you to stay.

You might be my whole world,

but our road was too rough.

I guess that sometimes,

the world just isn't enough..

Well, if you didn't figure it out, this was the same poem I read in Miss Calabro's class. And also, review! I want to see how many people from my school actually looked this up. Thanks! I hope you all liked it!