Pretty much from adolescence on, I wanted to find myself in the middle of a cliché love story. Damn those adorable romantic comedies where the couples always are ready with their perfectly witty bantering, with their one skimpy form-fitting outfit that makes the dude fall desperately in love with the girl and with their ridiculously happy endings. I really should boycott those movies. (Too bad I'm still sitting here watching "Dirty Dancing" for the 1,000th time, really no exaggeration).

So like I was saying I want to be in a cliché romance. But I never was the shy girl who suddenly got the school's football captain to notice her (my high school didn't even have a football team), I never found myself in detention one day sitting next to the class rebel who suddenly could not take his eyes off me (I never actually had to serve a detention, yeah I was one of those girls), never did my older brother's best friend start seeing me as a woman instead of a little girl (too bad my only brother is 6 years younger than me and cradle robbing is not something I am willing to stoop too), never did my best guy friend in high school look at me with those "darkened, lust-filled eyes" (can eyes really darken?) before he backed me into a wall to plant the kiss of my life on me (my best guy friend actually came out of the closet our senior year instead)! I even had that gorgeous boy living next door to me. We had one of those plans that if neither of us were married by 27 we'd just tie the knot (he is currently serving 5 to 10 for breaking and entering, hmm let's see if I'm 24 now in 3 years I could marry an inmate. Not quite the cliché I was looking for). Instead I spent the majority of my high school years pinning for my track teammate who later at 18 ended up dating another girl on the team who was 13 years old at the time. They fell madly in love. She got her cliché!

So now I'm 24 (just a step away from 50!), just graduated from grad school and still a virgin. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with waiting until marriage to have sex, but that's not really my case because if the right relationship came around I'd be like "take me now baby". Unfortunately though, no relationship has really ever come around. Sure I've made out with guys before, but most of those were under the influence of some heaving drinking and those that were not, never ended up going too far. I mean my first kiss wasn't until college and the guy was totally drunk while I had consumed a can of coke and a bottle of water that night. So does that mean I took advantage of him?! There's a good story to tell your children or in my case, cats. I know, I know you don't need a guy to make you happy and all, but it would sure be nice to have one anyway.

I'm not even that hideous looking. I'm pretty much your average run-of-the-mill looking 24 year old. You know, the type of girl who always gets described in love stories. I'm 5'7", average build, with blue eyes and light brown hair (which most call blonde, but I get darkened because I already have too many "dumb blonde" moments to egg anymore on). Oh yeah and my name is Madison (don't call me Maddie). I'm named after a mermaid, yep that's right a mermaid, my mom was obsessed with the movie "Splash" with Daryl Hannah and Tom Hanks, personally I would've gone with Daryl, more exotic! But Madison (or Em for short) it is. Anyway, now that I've thoroughly digressed…

Like I was saying after putting in seven year of college I now have earned two degrees, time to jump into the job market right?! Um...nope, not until after a few friends and I go to Las Vegas! You know "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"?! Well, I've been to LV multiple times and the only thing I've ever done there that would have lived up to that quote was getting a tattoo and let me tell you that definitely did not stay in Vegas! I need to make this trip memorable.

I was so excited to be going to Vegas with my two closest friends Sharon and Adam. The three of use had been practically inseparable throughout graduate school. Sharon is one of those people who hates everyone until you can prove to her you're worth liking, but once you've been deemed worthy she is the nicest person around. She's is currently engaged to her boyfriend of seven years, who was in fact "the boy next door", her neightbor during high school. And Adam, well let me tell you about the 6'3" dark brown shaggy hair, green eye guy.

The thing you should know about Adam is when you first meet him he totally gives off the "gay vibe". Going with my unquenchable need to be involved in a cliché, my first thought 3 years ago when I met Adam was "Oh, now I can have a gay best friend who will suddenly realize the opposite sex really is for him and then I (of course) will be the object of his desire". But then he mentioned his girlfriend of 5 years who went to another college and there went yet another cliché of mine right out the window!

The whole time I've known Adam I've always had a secret school-girl crush on him. Sharon and I always hated whenever those "slutty" girls would come up to Adam and flirt with him. We always said we hated it because he was our "adopted little brother" and we didn't want them taking advantage of him. Yep, just call me a cougar because Adam is 6 months younger than me, although I guess technically it wouldn't even be possible for him to be of little brother age. I used the little brother excuse anyway, especially after Adam broke up with his girlfriend about a year ago. He caught her cheating on him. Her only excuse was that the long distance thing wasn't working for her. I personally, thought he was much better off. I never liked her skinny, big-boobed, "I volunteer at the homeless shelter and saved homeless dogs every weekend" thing anyway.

He is also one of those old fashioned open-the-doors for you, get up when you're leaving the table, offer you his jacket when you're cold type of guys. I'm surprised he made it a whole year being single. I was amazed that he actually wanted to go to Vegas with us when we asked.

So we finally made it to Vegas. We were staying at "The Mirage" that we got for an amazingly low price.

"My God Sharon, look at this place! How did you find it?" I asked Sharon as we looked around our fairly average sized hotel room.

"Um yeah Em, you get impressed way too easily" she responded.

Adam was too busy looking up times for the next "Seductive Vampire" play to pay attention to the room.

Sharon ripped the paper from his hand reading the summary out loud. "'Be prepared to be amazed as topless female vampires take to the stage in this "biting" comedy of what it takes to get "ahead" in this world'. Wow, are they really saying bouncing around naked will take you places?"

"It's got to be better than that circus delay we're going to" Adam groaned.

"I'd only go to that Vampire show if Rob Pattinson's in it showing me how to get ahead in the world. And by the way it's Cirque du Soleil and it's supposed to be the best in Vegas and I promised we'd hit the bars up right afterwards" I argued back.

..........Few Hours Later..............

"The circus was good, but these yard long drinks are so much better" Adam admited as we returned to our hotel room. This was the first yard long drink for him. Somehow Sharon and I were on number two (there's no diets in Vegas!) and I had no idea those things could be so strong. (It could also be due to the extra shots we added to each one).

"I love how orange they are!" Well, it seemed like the intellectual thing to say at the time.

Sharon rolled her eyes and reached into her purse to pulls out her pack of cigarettes and lighter saying, "I'll be out on the balcony if anyone needs me".

Even completely drunk I found myself asking "Which cigarette number is this for the day?"

"I'm just now starting on my second pack. Don't judge me! You know I only smoke when I'm in Vegas, or at a party, or dunk, or with my sister, or when I get really stressed out!"

"Oh is that it?" Adam asked sarcastically.

"Shut up guys." She responded as she made her way to the balcony.

Sharon left and Adam sat down on my bed. Kind of an awkward silence ensued.

In my haze I was coming up blank with anything to talk to him about so I said; "We are SO going to need more towels in the morning! I should call down"

"Em, it's midnight, why would we need towels? We have three already in there. How many showers are you planning on taking?" he asked.

"Better safe than sorry right?" How was he so coherent and reasonable when drunk anyway?

So after a few minute of trying to decide how to call downstairs Adam sighed and prfessed zero. Man is that guy a genius or what?!

The phone rang once. "Hello, front desk."

Now nothing is worse than when a person can tell you're drunk, and I pride myself on being able to act completely coherent and normal while drunk. So I responded, slurring ever so discreetly; "Oh 'ello my good man. Would you be a nice chap and bring up some towel for us please? I sawrrrr that we were running bloody low. Thanks my good man".

Everyone knows that in order to act sober one needs to be sporting a way over exaggerated English accent. Wonder how British people act sober, hmm…?

So I decided to sit on the bed next to Adam. "Man, Sharon sure is taking her sweet time with that cigarette."

"Oh she came in while you were on the phone with…the queen…to get her cell phone and make a call out on the balcony to her boyfriend."

"Oh", yeah, I know, I have great responses!

Some of my side bangs fell into my eyes (that's what I get for trying out the trendy haircut). Since my reflexes were slightly delayed Adam made it to my hair first, removing it from my face. His hand lingering on my cheek (THAT'S what I get for trying out the trendy haircut!).

"That's more like it" he said. I looked up at him, not realizing how close we really were sitting. All of a sudden I felt completely sober.

We were just staring, then he shifted his eyes slightly down to my lips then back to my eyes. Not sure who moved or how we met in the middle. But the next thing I knew his lips were on mine in kiss that started off soft and gentle, then when he realized me responding back, it got more and more urgent.

As it heated up all of a sudden he placed a hand on my (almost) B-cup (hmm maybe I should arch into him, eh?) and my hand started tracing circle on his back down to his waist. Then Adam started to move his hand up my bare leg since I was wearing a knee length dress. (Man, I'm happy I shaved today, or was that yester- oh). His hand was getting higher, higher, higher…wow, that's getting high…KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK…

"Ummm…." was the only thing I could get out

"Those would be your towels" Adam responded. Was his voice "husky"? I've always wanted to make a dude's voiced get husky!

He pulled me up from the bed and we made it to the front door. Our hands were intertwined still. Just holding his hand felt (almost) as good as that kiss did.

Adam grabbed the towels, closed the door, and looked down at me.

"So…what just hap-" I tried to get out but couldn't finish because his lips crashed (yes, we've got crashing) down to mine again as he backed me up to the bed. I don't know what people are talking about with the licking the bottom lip for permission to french kiss thing because there was no requesting from him. Adam's tongue made its way into my mouth massaging mine as we fell down on the bed. The kissing got more intense as he started running his fingers across my back down to my hips and pulled me down tighter to his body. I felt a poke on my stomach. Just as things started to get interesting, the door to the balcony opened and we jumped about three feet apart. Adam falling off the bed.

Sharon eyed us suspiciously but simply said "The night is young and we're in Vegas what are we going to do now?"

Adam looked over at me, a blush creeping up on his face then looked down quickly and said "I think I need to take a shower right now, a nice long cold one".

"See I told you we'd be needing those towels!"


Later that night as I was lying on my comfy hotel bed (it was Adam's night for the roll away) I was thinking, now soberly, over what happened that day I was feeling kind of sad that there were no more kissing events that night. Then I felt my bed dip down and there was a warm breath on the back of my neck.

"Em, I couldn't sleep. I need to know if you will go out to dinner with me tomorrow"

"Adam, we're on vacation, so I wasn't planning on eating on my own!"

"Yeah I know, but now I'd like to pay for your dinner!" he responded as he wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me close to him.

So that's how I got my best guy friend, who I once thought might be gay, who was my neighbor in the dorms, and played football (who cares if he played it 7 years ago in high school?) to start dating me. Maybe I won't have to marry my convict childhood neighbor after all!


So here's my first attempt at a story. I think it sounded a lot better in my head, but figured I spent enough time writing it to post anyway! Hope it's alright-ish. And as a disclaimer I do not own the Mirage (I wish), Rob Pattinson (I REALLY wish), or those "fat tuesday" orange yard drinks, but they are pretty darn good! (And I know how annoying grammar mistake are and I apoligize for all my mistakes in advance)