kids say they're real and they ask to
hold your secrets until they
spill them on white curtains like blood
spatter in las vegas

the evidence won't admit it but you
know they're just pretending when they
say they like your hair and then ignore
you in the morning

said you were looking for something real but
you handed them your heart and i saw what they
did with it

saw them eat it, spear it with their claws and
swallow it until it sat like a paperweight in their

didn't want to be the one to tell you to
watch out 'cause i just hate being right

(and you just hate being wrong)

so together we fed them your arteries and
watched them squeeze out your soul while we
screamed for it all to be just another disease

but this kind of cannibalism was more like a
joke when they laughed in your face and hoped you
never woke up, 'cause they didn't want anybody
else to know

set fire to your brain stem if only to dull the

and wondered if this was all just a dream