I was walking to my homeroom when I bumped into and unusaual person. His face was pale with sorrow, his eyes where soo black I couldn't seem to find the pupil. They looked like the midnight sky. "Hi." I said. he said nothing but looked at the tile floor then at me. He got up and left. The bell rang. "Shoot." I muttered to myself. I ran to homeroom and made it just in time. I peek out the door and he wasn't there. Oh well. School pass in a breeze. Before I could tell I was at my last class of the day and no sight of mystery new boy but his image was still visible in my head under safe keeping, locked up super tight somewhere in my head. I was reviewing my homework and the door open and hewalked in. He handed the teacher a piece of paper. "Well students looks like we have a new student. Isn't that great?" the teacher said. We sort a said "yeah" in a happy tune. "Well go on say your name?" Nothing came out of mystery boy's mouth so I looked away but I could feel his gaze on me so I looked back. "His name is Sci. Go on sit next to Midy." He said gesturing towards me. So Sci sat next to me. Class seem to past slower since the Sci arrived. I would occasionally glance in his direction and i could tell he did the same. Then the final glance before the bell rang to signal school's over our eyes met. When my reddish brown eyes met his cold frightening black eyes i felt a sudden chill wrap around me. It felt good aganist my warm flushed skin. Then the bell rang which brought us back to reality. "Bye." I whisper. He waved. I gather my stuff and left without another glance back at Sci.