A/N: This is story is going to be fun, I can tell. lol, but anyways, all chapter titles will be song names, so I guess its like a soundtrack for the story. But anyways, enjoy!

Chapter One

California Love

I was someone who was born to live on the coast. What coast didn't matter, as long as it was somewhere near the beach. I was actually born on a beach. My mom and dad had been out on a boat, just enjoying a day together, but then her water broke. By the time they got to shore, they couldn't move her, and so I was born on a bright and sunny day at the beach.

But lately I was beginning to feel that the east coast wasn't the coast I was meant to live on. I was tired of Maryland. The waves of the Atlantic were no longer a challenge to me as a surfer, and my adventurous green eyes dreamed of venturing to the Pacific.

But little did I know, my dreams for a change of scenery were to come true quicker than I ever thought they could.

My dad died of a heart attack last year, and since then, my mom has really had trouble looking at my older brother and me. Eddie was twenty one and an exact replica of my dad when he was twenty-one, and that's when my mom fell in love with my dad. So I can only imagine that it's hard for her. And for me? Well if my dad had been born female? I'm what he would look like.

Eddie left the house soon after, which left me at home as an only child to a mother who could barely look at me with out breaking down in tears.

But that's when the call came in.

My Aunt Caroline had moved to San Diego, California five years ago. I loved it there. So when my mom came in one day and told me to pack my things I was going to California, you could say I was quite the happy camper. I was on a plane a week later.