Angel Reborn

Rusted metal rockets into the air
Entangles a girl in a web of chain
Slams her down from a pedestal fair
Impact causes damage to her brain.

The corners of her eyes warn too late
Of monsters lunging from shadows bleak
They force her down to meet her fate
Crush her throat so she can't speak.

Lifted from the ground on will involuntary
A prized sacrifice for her ravenous captors
They've determined that she is unnecessary
Hanging her up high from a bloodied rafter.

Looking up, the creatures squeal in delight
At the hostage they have received
Mocking her efforts to struggle and fight
Laughing that she dare to believe

In digs the claws from any and all sides
Piercing easily through weakened defenses
Clutching her heart from her own inside
Scraping her brain so she loses her senses.

Each of the claws is another electric blade
Shattering and tearing her writhing core
Withdrawing nails coated with thick red shade
Licking their fingers... wanting more.

Her eyelids have slowly begun to flutter
She shivers with involuntary spasms of her demise
Blood drips down her mouth as she coughs; sputters
With a strangled throat she can utter no cries.

The monsters continue on their ravenous attack
Tearing and dismembering both her legs and arms
She feels the last of her blood fade, eyes roll back
One last gasp of life before she submits to all the harm.

Finished and feeling as if they have done enough
The creatures happily dance away into the night
Left dangling the body of a girl thought to be tough...
How is it in the end she never bothered to fight?

Somewhere in the depths of the night so bleak
The peace of death will blanket the one so torn
And maybe again with time we'll hear her speak...
Perhaps one day this angel will be reborn.