Okay, this is my first multi-chapter fictionpress story, so go easy on me. Ehh, the whole storyline and characters were all by me and review, okay? I don't mind constructie critism, so long as it isn't a flame. Here goes!

Chapter 1 - Introduction to SIGNAL

"Somebody please tell me why we're here again," Xenzer sighed as he reached for his plastic water bottle on the carpeted floor of the school's auditorium.

Kalrie glared at him. Xenzer liked to be very repetitive at times. He swore the latter had asked the question for what seemed to be the umpteenth time. Or maybe he was just too impatient.

"Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen, I trust that you slept well in our dormitories last night," Suddenly, the murmurs and whispers had stopped and there was a slight confusion to where the voice was coming from.

That was when Kalrie found his eyes widen. Silence was apparent as a chipmunk climbed onto a desk at the front of the stage. Xenzer noticed the so-called chipmunk wore a pair of red high heels and a black dress.

"Welcome to SIGNAL, one of the world's largest schools for weapons and tactics training. Here, you will learn how to fight and plan the most detailed operations in the history of mankind. You all have been either enrolled in by your parents or have undergone an independent practical test on your own will," The chipmunk stretched its arms and yawned before getting back on the subject. Kalrie rolled his eyes as girls behind him giggled.

"I am Dr. Lucimal, Principal of SIGNAL. I am very pleased and honoured to be here before all of you. You will all be having a little tour around the compound afterwards. I'm sure you will have a great time at SIGNAL."

Dr. Lucimal hopped down from the table as an announcement over the Public Address System was made for all students to head to the cafeteria for lunch.

"I am guessing you didn't come in here willingly," Kalrie spoke for the first time since arriving in the school. Xenzer was actually becoming worried that his roommate was mute and deaf.

Kalrie had ravishing features; he had a pair of slit hazel eyes and thick lips. His long fringe covered half of his long face and had short blonde hair at the back of his head. He was also very tall, standing at six feet.

"No, I didn't. When you have stubborn parents who think you have a flair for shooting, it's not easy to get your own way."

Truth be told, Xenzer wasn't too bad looking himself. His short, spiky ebony hair and sparkling deep-set ocean blue eyes were hard to miss in a crowd, especially since he's slightly taller than Kalrie and already stood out from the rest. He had a small scar next to his thin lips, which was mystery. Kalrie made a mental note to ask his newfound 'friend' about it.

"…You're lucky you have parents." The blonde-haired student said bitterly. Xenzer was curious about his roommate's background, but decided to shut up when he saw the glum look on his face. The blue-eyed boy smirked as he looked at the direction of Dr. Lucimal, who was greeting students at the exit. Although no one could really see her…

"Let's get something to eat," Xenzer lightly pushed his friend.

"Maybe this time you can see the food talking."

I know the end is a lame joke, but I'm lame, so what do you expect? :D