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'I thought weapons were just tools of mass destruction and not this…' Xenzer thought, sighing as he opened his blue textbook (he made it very clear to his dear roommate that it was a textbook not an information book).

"All right class, after you've turned to page 101, you will see a diagram of an AK-47. The AK-47 is a selective fire, gas operated 7.62mm assault rifle developed in the Soviet Union by Mikhail Kalashnikov…"

Violet nudged Zaber, "I'm going to fall asleep even before Mr. Cullet finishes his ranting," Zaber made a 'che' sound and continued to listen to the teacher's lesson. Violet felt her eyelids drooping, as Mr. Cullet began to explain the weapon further.

"The AK-47 was one of the first true assault rifles and, due to its durability, low production cost and ease of use, the weapon and its numerous variants remain the most widely used assault rifles in the world…"

It seemed like only Kalrie and Zaber were paying attention to the lesson, as Xenzer heard soft whispers and murmurs coming from all directions. He turned to his right to see the blonde actually taking down notes. He then realised something and tore out one of the empty pages of his textbook.

Xenzer quickly scribbled on the sheet of paper, folded it, and gingerly placed it on Kalrie's desk. The latter, who saw it, briefly glared at him before picking it up and unfolding it.

'…Aren't you bored?'

Kalrie rolled his eyes, scribbled something in return, and threw it back.

'No. You just don't have the ability to understand the importance of it.'

Xenzer blinked for a second before turning to face him. That was uncalled for. He wrote somewhat angrily on the sheet and slid it under his partner's textbook.

'More like it's because you're jealous that I'm able to display feelings you can't.'

Kalrie felt his face turn hot. He tightened his grip around his pen, trying hard not to stretch his arm out to strangle him.

'I don't display it because I don't want to. Not like you, who doesn't have the ability to control your emotions.'

Both students glared at each other. Zaber and Violet, who were sitting just behind them, exchanged glances. This wasn't good. The two of them looked as if they wanted to kill each other. And they didn't want them fighting in front of the class.

"Ring! Ring! Ring!" The bell for recess rung and it was time for the class to be released. Students started pushing their way out as Zaber and Violet approached the two boys.

"Hey…You guys cool?" Violet squeezed the blue-eyed teenager's shoulder. Zaber patted Kalrie, "You just ended a fight. Don't start it up again."

"…It's his fault!" Xenzer continued to glare at Kalrie.

"You started the bloody conversation."

"What?! Why don't you just go and die?!"

"…Because I won't."

"You…Ah, I wonder how I endured even the sight of you these few days…"

Kalrie smirked, "You mean I can't endure you."

Xenzer couldn't help but smile. Sometimes, it was hard to get angry with someone like Kalrie, no matter how irritating at first. He always seemed to simmer down as fast as he heated up.

Violet grinned, "Alright, enough already. Can we please get out of this room? It's stuffy. And I'm hungry."

Xenzer's eyes widened, "Again?!"

Zaber shook his head, "You seem to enjoy eating very much, Violet."

"I'm a glutton, what do you expect?"

Much to their surprise, they burst out into uncontrollable laughter.

Even Kalrie was joining in the fun.


"Ah, I'm so full…" Violet stretched her arms, at the same time smacking her lips.

Xenzer groaned, "You better be. We ate the whole cafeteria!" He patted his stomach. Zaber grinned. The girl sometimes did surprise him with all the food she could hold, especially when her build was this tiny.

Kalrie shook his head, "Violet, I think you're going to have indigestion pretty soon…"

The lavender-haired girl laughed, "I think I'm having one now. You guys go to the auditorium to attend the martial arts performance first. I'll catch up later. I believe my tummy's having a war with my body," The boys chuckled as she held her stomach and ran to the nearest toilet.

"Well, looks like she'll be missing in action for a while," Xenzer smiled.

Kalrie shrugged and then sniggered, "Not that we'll be missing her, anyway."

(After ten minutes in the toilet)

'Ahh…それで快適であ (so comfortable)…' Violet thought in her native Japanese language as she came out of her cubicle. It ached so much just now.

As the cold, running tap water spilled onto her hands, she felt a mysterious presence behind her. She looked up into the mirror to find a man staring right at her.

"Ms Violet Calyx?" His voice from behind questioned her.

"Yeah, what is it-" As Violet slowly turned around to face the person, she felt a throbbing pain at the back of her head. She then fell to her knees, suddenly out of strength. Violet looked at him in the eyes, "W-who," she stuttered as she tried hard to gasp for air, "Are…you…"

Before she could finish her sentence, she saw darkness.

And she was out.

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