Auction My Heart

"Please? Pretty please?"

Jasmine frowned. "I refuse. I will not prostitute myself out like that."

"Oh Jasmine, come on. It's just an auction." Julie, Jasmine's younger sister, countered. "All the profit will go to charity. Please? We need one more person!" Julie worked as a publicist and events coordinator for a large corporation. This year, she was in charge of organizing one of their more popular events, a Bachelorette Auction.

"How many women do you need?" Jasmine asked.

"We like to have twenty. We often start the bids at one hundred dollars, so we can at least make two thousand dollars."

"Isn't it just easier to write out a check for a few thousands and hand it over?"

Julie made a face. "No! It's so much more fun to do it this way!"

"Right. You get to humiliate people."

"Besides, it's good publicity for the company," Julie continued, ignoring her older sister's remark. "What's the big deal? Someone buys you, and you spend the weekend with them."

"Doing what? I'm not going to have sex with some random guy because he paid for me!"

"Oh please! It doesn't get that bad! At worst, you'll have to go to dinner with him or something. I did it a few years ago, and I just ended up cooking for the guy. It's fun. You get to make new friends."

Jasmine became silent. She started twirling her long black hair in her fingers. "I honestly don't think anyone will bid on me. I'm a liability."

"No you're not! What makes you say that?" Julie sat down next to Jasmine on the couch.

"How about the fact that I can't seem to get a date? Oh, and the fact that I work with like… all guys. What are the chances of that happening?"

Julie fell silent. "I'm sure someone will buy you. If all comes to worse, can't you have one of your friends pay? Anyways, can you get me Paige's number? I'm hoping she knows a photographer she can recommend."


"Seriously? You're doing it? You must be desperate"

Jasmine raised her eyebrow and smacked one of her best friend's head. "Honestly Scott. What is wrong with you?"

Scott grinned. "What? You want some hot guy to buy you, and viola! You fall in love with each other and you get your boyfriend." His brown eyes twinkled merrily. "Then again, someone has to buy you."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Jasmine glared at her friend from across the table. They were at Schafer's Yum, enjoying a light snack on this particular Saturday afternoon.

"Oh come on. You know how intimidating you are," Scott stated. He bit into his muffin. "This is delicious!"

"Really? I'm intimidating?" Jasmine was taken back a bit.

"This isn't news! I mean… you're intimidating because you're a strong female with a great career. That and you don't fit into that stereotype of a submissive Asian chick."

"I suppose." Jasmine began playing with her mug of tea. They soon began talking about the new laptops that were available on the market.

Jasmine met Scott in college her freshmen year. She couldn't help but smile at the recollection of their first meeting.

Jasmine had arrived at her first engineering course (an introductory to design course), and had sat down in the front. Just as she started pulling out her notebook and pens, Scott entered and noticed her.

"Am I in the right place?" he asked her.

"Introduction to Engineering Design?" Jasmine responded not taking her eyes off her bag. "Yep."

"Really? You're in this course?" Scott sat down next to her. "I didn't expect to see such a pretty girl in an engineering course."

In normal circumstances, Jasmine probably would have gotten up and changed seats. However, something compelled Jasmine to look up at the student with the corny pick-up line. Except when she looked at Scott, she noticed that his eyes were twinkling and there was a friendly-air to him.

"That has got to be the worst pick-up line I've ever heard," Jasmine replied.

"Sweetheart, that wasn't a pick-up line. It was merely a comment," Scott fired back. "Name's Scott Johnson. Electrical engineering. You?"

"Jasmine Kim. Structural," Jasmine shook his offered hand. "And I'm glad that was a comment. It clearly means you know the truth." She winked.

The two discovered that they were in the same math and physics course. As a result, they often studied together and became close friends. The two shared an apartment (with two rooms of course!) their junior and senior years of college. However, now they had their own places. He was one of the few people (outside Jasmine's workplace) who could understand her nerdy jokes.

Scott was also a very attractive man. His looks and personality completely challenged the existing nerdy stereotypes. It was no surprise that Jasmine harbored a crush on him in college. Even now, she was attracted to him, but she doubted that he would return her attraction. He treated her as one of his male buddies. In fact, back in college, Scott became accustomed to talking to Jasmine about sports and other girls.

"So when's this auction? And where is it?" Scott asked. "I gotta check this out."

Jasmine told him the necessary information – the auction was to be held next Saturday at a hotel. There was a light lunch before the auction, which was to give people a chance to mingle with the bachelorettes.

"Maybe I'll be able to snatch a date for next weekend," Scott joked.

Jasmine rolled her eyes. "If you're willing to spend that much cash… Just remember to RSVP. It helps them coordinate the amount of food to bring."

They ended up making plans to carpool together to the auction. The rest of their time together was spent bantering and exchanging very nerdy jokes. Jasmine didn't mind her unrequited feelings. Their friendship was strong, and it meant the world to her.


Later that evening, a few of Scott's male friends arrived at his apartment to play some video games and drink.

"Guess what Jasmine's doing next week," Scott told his friends. "She's going to auction herself off at a bachelorette auction!"

"Jasmine? You mean Jasmine Kim?" one of his friends thought for a moment. "She's that hot little thing right?"

"She is fine!" Another friend announced. "I would totally buy her at the auction and have my way with her."

Scott frowned. "Hey, this is my friend we're talking about. Not some random chick on the street." His friends' antics were starting to get on his nerves. Just the way they spoke about her bugged him.

If he was honest with himself, Scott knew why he was so disturbed. Not only was Jasmine one of his closest friends, he felt protective of her. That and he was pretty much in love with her. Since their first meeting in college, they developed a strong bond.

Whenever he reminisced about their first meeting, Scott couldn't help but smile. He was on his way to find a professor when he happened to look into one of the classrooms. He walked by the door, before he stopped and took a few steps back. Sitting in the front row was a very pretty girl. She had long sparkly black hair and big innocent eyes. Scott knew he had to talk to her. Gathering his courage (and his wits), he entered and asked her the first thing that popped into his mind.

After their meeting, Scott went to the registrar's office and enrolled in the design course just so he could be around her. He was attracted to Jasmine from the start, but never found the courage to ask her out. He was afraid of ruining their relationship.

However, after hearing his male friends speak about her, a plan began to form in his mind. Maybe it was time to do something.


The week flew by. It was soon the Saturday of the bachelorette auction. The weather outside was turning out to be quite nice and warm; it wasn't stifling hot as it normally gets in Southern California during the summer.

Jasmine dressed in a cute summery dress. Her sister had begged her to not to wear a suit or anything that could detract potential bidders. For once, Jasmine decided to heed her sister.

At noon, Scott appeared at Jasmine's apartment. He entered as she was rummaging through her closet to find a cardigan. When she stepped out into the hallway, Scott turned and his eyes widened.

"You look great," he told her admiringly.

"Thanks. You do too," Jasmine said, a bit shyly. She never felt shy around Scott, so why now?

Scott smiled and together they made their way to his car. The ride to the hotel was silent, but it was not an uncomfortable silence.

They reached the hotel in no time. Together they entered the room that had been rented for the event. Jasmine spotted her sister at the registration table.

"Hi Jasmine," Julie greeted when she noticed her older sister. She looked beyond her older sister and smiled at Scott. "I haven't seen you in a while. How are you doing?" she asked Scott politely.

"I'm good. You did a great job here," Scott responded.

"Thanks." Julie made a mark on the guest list. "Oh, can you wear this Jasmine?" She handed Jasmine a little red ribbon with the number seventeen in gold letters. "That way, people can talk to you in person and stuff before you're auctioned off."

Jasmine forced a smile. "Good to know."

Scott hid a laugh and held his arm out to Jasmine. "My lady?"

Jasmine took his extended arm, and together they entered the lobby.

"Nervous?" Scott asked her softly.

"A little," Jasmine admitted. "I'm afraid no one will want to bid on me."

"Oh, I'm sure someone will bid on you. Don't you worry about that."

Before Jasmine could question Scott, the couple found themselves amongst a group of people. Another man took note of the ribbon on Jasmine and winked at her. He was already deep in a conversation with another person, but as soon as he was free, he approached Jasmine. By that point, Scott was nowhere to be seen.

"Jacob," he introduced himself. "Excited about being auctioned off?"

Jasmine laughed. "Of course I am. My name is Jasmine. Are you here to buy someone?"

Jacob laughed. "No, no. I'm the photographer." He motioned to the camera that was hanging around his neck.

Jasmine pursed her lips and thought for a moment. "Jacob… and you're a photographer…Did Paige Kolins recommend you?"

Jacob smiled broadly. "Do you know Paige?"

"One of my best friends."

"Great! So you must be Julie's sister." Jacob laughed. "Do you know if she's single?"

Jasmine's eyes widened. "Seriously?"


After the lunch, Jasmine was ushered behind the small makeshift stage at the front of the room. The other girls who were being auctioned off were giggling and chatting amongst each other.

"I hope someone hot buys me!" one girl was saying.

"Me too! He can do whatever he wants to me!"

Jasmine made a face. Luckily, Julie arrived soon to silence the girls. She stood at the front of the stage (with another lady), mic in hand and smiled at the audience.

"Welcome to our Annual Bachelorette Auction. We have twenty lovely ladies today for bidding! Remember, all bids start at $100. All proceeds will go to charity, so bid high!" Julie stated. "After you have won the bid, please come up here to pay for your lovely bachelorette. You have them for the weekend starting as soon as the bid is over. So let's get started!"

The first girl eagerly hopped forward and began twirling around. Julie read a short biography, and the bids started. The first girl was sold for six hundred dollars. The second girl was sold for five hundred. The next girl (a pretty blonde), was quite popular, and there was a bidding war before she was sold for a whooping one thousand dollars.

When Jasmine's turn came, she stepped onto the stage and squinted into the audience. There rest of the room was dark, while a spotlight was on her. Jasmine gave a small smile.

"This lovely lady here is Jasmine. She may be an engineer, but don't let that scare you away! She can talk nerdy to all you folks and help you fix your computer!" Julie read. "Do I hear anyone for one hundred?"

Immediately, someone called out for one hundred. Unfortunately, Jasmine couldn't see who. However, someone else called for three hundred. Then five hundred. Six hundred.

Jasmine stood stunned. Julie looked over and motioned for her to spin. The bids kept getting higher.

Finally, a commanding voice yelled, "Two thousand!"

The room became silent. Julie, ecstatic, yelled, "Sold!"

Dazed, Jasmine went to the side, where a helper had a set up a small desk to collect money. Jasmine stood waiting for her buyer.

"Jasmine?" a voice called. It was Scott. He was looking over at her with concern in his eyes.

"I'm fine," she told him.

"Good." He turned to the assistant at the table. "Here's a check for two thousand dollars."

Jasmine's eyes widened. "What?"

Scott smiled and took her arm and led them outside. "I told you someone would bid for you."

"But two thousand dollars? That's a lot of money!" Jasmine argued.

"Yes, but you're worth it." Scott smiled. "It's not that big of a deal. I'm not a spendthrift, so I had some money to spare. Besides it's for a good cause."

Jasmine agreed. "Hopefully this fundraiser will raise a lot of money and awareness about homeless children."

Scott reached over and tucked a stray strand of hair behind Jasmine's year. "That wasn't the cause I was talking about."

Jasmine fell silent. "Well, thanks for buying me!" As she spun on her heels to leave, Scott grabbed her arm. "What?"

"Are you leaving already?" Scott asked. "I have you for the entire weekend."

"What do you mean?" All of a sudden, Jasmine took note of how close they were standing. Her heart began to pound faster.

"I figured we haven't spent a lot of time together lately. My parents own a cabin up in the mountains. Why don't we spend the weekend there." It was a comment, not a question.

Jasmine stared at Scott. "Sure. Okay. When are we going to leave?"

"Right now," Scott replied with a grin. He grabbed her arm, and together they ran to his car. "I already packed, so let's go to your place and pack."


Two hours later, Jasmine and Scott were on their way to the cabin.

"Did you get food?" Jasmine asked.

"Would you stop worrying?" Scott asked her. He patted her arm reassuringly. "You gotta trust me."

"I do trust you." Jasmine paused. "So did you get ice cream?"

The drive to the cabin was (luckily) only an hour. The cabin was a family vacation home. There were three bedrooms upstairs and a large living room and kitchen downstairs. It was completely surrounded by trees, and a short path that led to the main road.

"Jasmine, sweet?" Scott called out, while Jasmine threw herself onto a couch. "We don't have any ice cream."

Jasmine sat up. She chose to ignore the endearment. "No ice cream? But we need ice cream!" She walked over to Scott and pouted.

"No need to worry. There's a market nearby. Why don't we go now before they close?" Scott leaned forward and kissed Jasmine's forehead.

Jasmine smiled in response and silently followed Scott to his car. The market was a short ten minute drive from the cabin. The drive was a bit awkward, but that dissolved as soon as they entered the market.

"Oh, oh! Can we get chips too?" Jasmine asked, as she ran off towards the snack section.

"Sure sweet," Scott told her. "Let me get some wine." The selection of wine was near the front of the entrance. The market was empty except for the cashier, an older woman who was watching the couple with a smile.

Jasmine returned soon with an armload of chips.

"Whoa there, tiger," Scott said to her. "Can you eat all this?"

Jasmine looked up at Scott innocently. "Maybe not. I'll put them back." Scott laughed and followed her.

"Chocolate!" Jasmine exclaimed when they returned several bags to chips to its rightful position. She grabbed a box of Ferrero Rocher and placed it in the basket Scott was carrying.

They spent a few more minutes gathering some food before approaching the counter.

"You two make a lovely couple," the cashier told them with a smile.

"We're not—" Jasmine began but stopped. "Thank you."

The cashier rang them up and slipped some a Godiva chocolate bar into their bag. "Here you go. A little something to enjoy on your honeymoon."

Jasmine's eyes widened. Scott recovered quickly and thanked the lady as he dragged Jasmine to the car.

"Honeymoon? Do we look like we're a couple?" Jasmine asked in the car.

"Is that a problem?" Scott responded quietly.

Jasmine snapped her head towards Scott. "Yes. No. I…"

"Forget it happened," Scott recommended. "Come on. I'll make dinner."


Dinner was a simple—pasta, garlic bread, and wine. Afterwards, they decided to watch a movie together. Somehow, Jasmine managed to find herself curled up against Scott. They had snuggled together in the past, but something felt different between them.

As the movie played, Jasmine felt Scott playing with her hair. He ran his fingers through her hair and gave her massages. He even kissed her head a few times during the movie.

Once the movie ended (Scott turned off the television and dvd player), the two sat in silence and in the dark. Jasmine turned her head so that she was facing Scott. She felt something pushing her towards him. Before she knew it, she softly pressed her lips against him. Scott responded eagerly, and soon they were kissing heavily.

Jasmine felt her lips tingle as Scott gently nipped them. He tasted minty and sweet. He soon turned his attention to her neck, and began pressing kisses everywhere. She moaned in response.

However, as Scott gently lowered Jasmine onto her back, she pulled away. "Stop!" she cried.

Immediately, Scott sat up and turned on a nearby lamp.

"What are we doing?" Jasmine asked. "We can't do this! We're friends! We can't ruin our friendship!"

Scott didn't respond. "Why would this ruin our friendship?"

"Because it will! I shouldn't have kissed you! I don't know what happened. It just overtook me. You can just forget about it--"

"But I liked kissing you," Scott said softly.

Jasmine stopped her rant. "What?"

Scott smiled and pulled Jasmine into his arms. "I enjoy kissing you. I've been meaning to do it for a while now…"

Jasmine blinked and stared at Scott. "Really?" she asked.

"Yes. Really." Scott looked down into Jasmine's glittering eyes.

"Then why'd we stop?" Jasmine asked.

Scott happily obliged her.


I hope you enjoyed that quick one-shot. I'm not sure if it was as romantic as it could be.