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Her blue eyes were blinded by images of the monster. Everywhere her eyes went, he seemed to suit after. Her mind was confused as memories of the tyranny that she went through pounded her already aching head. She knew she shouldn't trust her sight as he was virtually at every place her gaze went. Among the tall trees, every breeze of wind even the grey cloud forming above.

She ran. She ran so hard her heart ached. Tears are flowing as river after rainy days. She was scared, hurt, lost, stolen.

She was still in daze but she was sure she heard something. She stopped dead on her track, trying to make out the sound but it seemed that it was muffled. Muffled by her own heavy breathing.

A movement to her far right.

As basic as nature could be, the fear that overcomes her instinctively made her legs moved. She ran. As fast as she could, she ran. The big trees that she passed through, how she wished they could help them. Like they could in fairy tales.

She knows him well. She knows that she can't stop. As she was sure the bastard has not even an ounce of emotion. He is solid with malice. She never saw his face. She has a strong feeling that lauded it's for the best that he does.

Her gut instinct was right. A pair of crazed emerald eyes caught her undesirable attention. He observed as she staggered, attempting to overcome him. Yet he was rooted to the ground. Heart as black as coal, figuring of vile ways to destroy her.

Suddenly, she heard a maniacal laugh. She felt doomed to be dead. Death would be easy. After all that she' d been through.. Oh, yes. Death will be easy. But she can't bear the thought of having to live the remnants of her life in insufferable pain. Of all the things that she'd prayed for, she never prayed for the way she would leave this earth. Now, running through the forest, battered, she'd wish for nothing more that to die peacefully surrounded by the very people she loves.

Sounds. Different sounds. The lights seemed to be darkening around her. Different voices? She can't bear running much longer. Her heart palpitated as what little she could see seemed to pang on her as she observed the monster right in front of her. She turn and fell to the ground. She tried to resist, but her body is giving up on her. Her mind shriek in defiance.

No.. God please! Please help me. Everything, anything about her life flashed through her head. She's drifting away.

Faces of the people that she loved. Lord, please.. I have to correct the wrongs that I've done. Their smiles and laughter.

She could feel his gripped. That damned voice.

The shoulders that were lend for her tears. She never thank them. She always rebelled against them. Taking their loves for granted. As many of us do.

Love is when you care about someone you'll do anything to make them happy, protect them from sorrows. Realises their most beautiful of dreams. You cherished them, you cradled them. Knowing no matter what, they'll be there for you. Which make selfish human being always utilising them.

Her broken heart was accompanied with tears, as she realises, what an inconsiderate being she was.

Then,it became pure darkness.

It's too late to appreciate them the way she should have now.


'Where the hell are we Mike?'

'Relax mate, I'm trying to figure it out!'

James starting to regret the fact that he agreed to go to the picnic with Mike. Owen rolled his eyes understanding James. They've been waiting for him to 'figure it out' for the last 30 minutes. They were on their way to a cottage for a weekend with his fiancée 's family as his parents were down with the flu.

'Can you even read them? ' Mike started to turn the map up and down. 90 to 200 degree. Left to right, right to left. With all intensity in his eyes that clearly have focus written all over them.

Mike ignored Owen. They've known each other since they were in boarding school, because of their same interests.. And same differences. While most of the blokes at school were obsessed with sports, or dreaming about becoming famous lawyers or filthy rich businessmen, they, in the other hand, were to busy falling in love with art. Mike loves to draw, James plays music and Owen, well, he writes poem.

It's not easy going to a boarding school fill with rich English lads whom charmingly enjoy ridiculing their interests. As a group, they were mocked , 'The Brotherhood of Sissies Whose Oh…. So…. Cheesy'. Why wasn't Owen 6'4 and 210 pounds back then??

'Seriously mate, a monkey, would….'Owen suddenly stop ridiculing Mike. James looked back and saw a pair of frighten eyes turning away only to ran into Owen. Her frail, petite body slammed to the ground.

The three mates looked into each others eyes, bewildered.

'What the.. Owen is.. is she alright?' Mike and James jogged towards Owen who was at their far left. Owen held the girl's light body.

'Miss are you ok??' concerned and confusion.

'Of course she isn't? It's.. it's like a cat being trampled by the elephants...' Nervous Mike talking.

When they observe her body, they were appalled. They don't know what to make of her. They were bruises, wounds in the shapes that they've never seen before. Such pain the wounds must have inflicted, must only be imagined. Her hair was tangled, dirt all over. She's unconscious, yet her face's shadowed with fear.

'Mike, call the police and ambulance, now!!' James was almost screaming. The three lads were stunned by the happening that be founded them. Mike ran and took his phone in his car on the road 100 feet away.

'Owen, is she breathing?'

'She is… but weak though.' Owen said with such composure though anyone could recognised the words were laden with confusion.

Except for Mike's frantic slur, there were nothing but silence between James and Owen. They became one of the trees in the forest, silently cemented to the ground. Mike came back a few moments later with a blanket. Not saying another word, he cover the young girl.

Owen carried her and put her in the warmth of their car. They all stood outside, still silent. Occasionally, checking if she is still breathing. The least her face seemed to be in comfort rather than contorted like before.

20 minutes later, the ambulance took her away. They followed behind the police car. They were definitely late for the picnic. At least, Mike have a good explanation for his future in laws. Not that it matters.


'I need you to talk to her'

'She needs to rest, sir!'

'We need to find this bastard, Dr. Adams. You of all people ought to know what he's capable of.. We need to lock him away.'

'Or slowly drown him in poison to his death.' She said under her breath. Sofia's playing with her hands. Trying to resist the anger that's building inside of her. She looked at Mary whose eyes were dark. Surrounded by the people she cared, knowing she'll be protected, yet still fear in her eyes. Chief Inspector Williams, shook his head at Sofia's stubbornness.

Dr. Sofia Adams's a forensic psychiatrist. Still only on her second year of training, is one of the best minds. At 24, she's a baby compared to others, but deeply respected, and deservedly so. She is training with one of DCI Williams closest friends and best profiler there is, Dr. Thomas Warren.

'I WANT you to talk to her. Tom told me about how you always connected with the victims. I need to find this guy, Dr. I know you're with me on that one.' stressed DCI Williams. His eyes stern.

Sofia resisted the temptation to punch the Detective Chief Inspector. He's not the one that have to talked to a young woman than went through a horrifying event, and asked them to relive it all over again! She composed herself, knowing what's best.

'I am. But, I need you to give HER time, sir. She'd survived something that you and I both could only imagine, Like you said sir, we all know what he is capable off.'

That's Sofia for you. She knows how to work with people. Her job requires her to work with the criminals in maximum security prisons. Helped the police with serious crime cases. Her work requires her to be around the people that you can't even put under the category of human being.

'Just don't left me waiting long, Doc. Just don't left me waiting…' , DCI Williams stroked his hair. His usually bright green eyes seemed dim against his olive skin. He turn around towards the hospital elevators. He has other cases to review.

Sofia eyed Mary from outside of her room. She haven't even talk to her friends and family, yet. She is just holding on to them. Eyed them with longing love. As if she'll be taken away from them. No girls.. No human ought to go through what she had. Sofia watched as Mary lay on her mother's shoulder and hugged her tightly. Eyes strained.

Mary closes her eyes. Mrs. Johnson eyes met hers. Worry, pain and a hint of relief was painted on them. Sofia left them, and walked to the hospital's café. She hasn't eat all day long. She needs something to fuel her up and she has a feeling that it'll be a very long day.


He was watching her. From far away. Surrounded by her family, he supposed. He's debating with himself on account should he, go in there by himself.

Where the hell are they? They said that they'll come. James thoughts exploding in his mind. After they gave their statement to the police,James decided to visit the young girl, to see if she's alright. Mike and Owen in the other hand, went to the cottage to inform Lisa, Mike's fiance, what happened.

Bloody cottage in the middle of no where. No reception.

'You've been around here for the longest hours. Who are you waiting for?'

James thoughts were interrupted. He turned around to meet a woman in soft coral blouse, crossed hands eyeing him curiously. Her brown eyes were intrigued, protective.

'I'm.. I'm waiting for my mates. To visit a fr… someone.. we know.' He answered cautiously. She pushed her jet black hair away from her eyes. Still, she crossed her hands.

Her eyes judging him.

'What are you? The hospital bodyguard?' James asked sarcastically. Maybe more defensively.

'If I was one, I'd beat you up already!' She answered almost smugly. Is she offended?

James raised his hand above his head. Mockingly, he puts on 'scared' expression on his face. She rolled her eyes with annoyance. Standing her ground.

'Okay.. All about girls power, huh? ' The tip of her lips raised a slight bit. He could tell she didn't where any make up, but her lips was pleasantly red against her smooth fair skin.. Sarcasm, it's rotten but who could resist the charm. 'Seriously though, who are you?'

Still judging him. Eyeing him inquisitively. As if a child curiously eager in learning about the fascinating new discovery.

'I'm working…'

'So.. you're a doctor?' She seems very young to be one, but she's also way beautiful. 'I don't think your boss will be happy if he knows how you treated a visitor.' A smirk on his face. A glint in her eyes. Wait, she's not the boss right? No way.. She's WAY to young !!! Well, not that I know much about hospitals hierarchy, but com…….

'Excuse me, Dr…' A woman, with tired eyes came snapping James back to reality. She looks familiar to him. James memory went overdrive.

'Yes, Mrs. Johnson. Can I help you?' She asked with a compassionate smile. So she is a doctor..

James eventually remembers. She was the woman that cradled the young girl when she was asleep. It was undoubtedly her. James saw them when he was still debating outside the room whether to come in or not. He decided to wait in the lounge for Mike and Owen.

'I think she's too tired to be interviewed. I know it's important but.. You know, she just went through… Maybe.. maybe in a couple of days..' Her brown eyes pleaded. Her heart's worried.

'Of course Mrs. Johnson. It's okay, really. I'm just here to help her.' She assured the woman, Mrs. Johnson.

'Thank you, Dr.' Relieved smile. With a hint of gratefulness.

'It's Sofia. And you're welcome' Mrs. Johnson went back to the girl's room and straight to her side. Sofia watched as she caressed her daughter's hair, comforting her.

'You know the girl, aren't you?' Sofia asked the man standing before her. She was intrigued when she saw him lingering nearby the perimeter of Mary's room. He seemed to be in strain. She noticed that he had been there for a long while. Her instinct tells her that he meant no harm. And her mind agrees as she knows he was not the man which justice is chasing for.

'You know what happened to her, right? Well, me and my mates found her... Well, she found us, really… I was coming to see if she's alright. We were worried. So we asked Det. Philips…' He trailed off. Sofia finally understood. DS Philips told her about the three men who found Mary.

'You're scared to go in..' Sofia head bopped towards the girl's room. A statement, not a question.

'So.. Are you her physician? Is she okay?' After few minutes of silence, James asked her, solemnly. His head is filled with images of the girl battered body. She was scared like a rabbit as if it knows that it was to be mauled by a monster.

'I'm not her doctor. But I know she will be fine. She's one very strong lady.' She looked at his disturbed face. His eyes were locked at the window of Mary's room. Her mother sits next to her, holding her hands tightly. Eyes never leave her daughter.

'I'm glad….. But her mother just call you…'

'I'm a consultant for the police. I'm a forensic psychiatrist.'

'Oh… You mean, the same as in the series Criminal Minds?'

'Somewhat..' She chuckled.

They stand silently watching over the girl. Mary was her name. She is only 15. Two people that meet her in bad circumstances. Both worried, both sympathetic. One was disturbed, the other was angered.


'Aren't you too young to be a Doctor??'

'Hmmm' Was her only response with a shrug informing James that she was probably have been asked the same question a million times before.

'So.. How long have you been working as a profiler??' James was baffled by how much she eats. She's about 5'3-5'4 and has beautiful womanly curves. But she is lean.

'About 2 years. I'm still in training though. You know how Doctors with their internship? My line of work will take me 3 years. One and half more to go. ' She smiled. Her soft black hair falls to her front, rested on her chest. She sipped her orange juice.

'Oh… So, erm, do you have any idea what happened to her?' James asked carefully. He had seen it in movies how secretive an on going investigation could be. And for the matter of fact that it scared him a bit.. remembering.

Her beautiful bright eyes became dark.

'Her name's Mary. Mary Johnson.' Sofia said softly. Playing with the straw of her orange juice. 'Yeah.. We have strong ideas.' She seemed in a far away land. Is that anger in her eyes? Well, James could understand why..

James decided to light things up. Knowing what he saw was terrible enough. He can't imagine what Sofia knows about the horrendous thing that poor girl.. Mary, have to go through. He, actually prefers not knowing.

Sarcastically, he said, 'You know, I was genuinely scared before.. Not because you said you're going to beat me up,' She smiles a curious smile. James puts on a very serious tone. 'It's because I swear, I thought you're going to blow off and sing one of the Spice Girls song… You know, Girl Power thing.. 'I tell you what I want, what I really, really want. So tell me what you want, what you really, really want' James locking his limbs and let it lose as he moves robotically from left to right, right to left. Was that dancing in the style of hip hop?

He sighed a loud sigh, and wiped his none existence sweats with the back of his hand. 'I'd rather faced up against Schwarzenegger than them!' Sofia's smile widened.

'Don't even make me say the zigididu.. What ever it was, part!'

He succeeded. She laughed at his dramatization.

'Oh, really? With the way how you.. 'handled' me before, I'd say you'd cry like a baby for hours when they announced they'll have reunion concerts.' She snickered. It hasn't past James attention when she lift her fingers in movement of the quote's mark. 'Wait, wait, wait.. I'd bet you're the first person who bought the ticket!'

'What? Handsomely macho ladiesman like me?Oh.. I think you have me confused with someone else!' James said with such swagger that Sofia herself laughed, shaking her head at James's charade. Defeated.

'How much more charming can you be?'

'Oh.. You know George Clooney? ' James smiles cunningly. 'Of course you do.. Well, I'd bury him off the sexiest list. Women wouldn't even notice Orlando Bloom if he's next to me. Zac Efron.. Well.. I'm sure he'll get used with the absence of screaming girls.' James held his head high with smugness.

'I'm impressed. You know who's the hottest men are...' James bowed his head and raised his cup of coffee. Sofia does nothing else but grin.

James run his hand through his slight curly, light hazel hair. He sipped the bitter hospital café's coffee. How in the world did the doctors survive with this??

His mobile beeped. Owen sent him a message saying they'll probably arrived at the hospital in a couple more hours. Mike's beloved vintage Volkswagen is being its usual self. Vintage, majestic, old and problematic.

Why not? He's been waiting for them nearly for three hours. What's another to count? Crazy blokes! I don't think you could visit patient in the middle of the night. Bet they stayed and ate dinner too… James sighs.

'What's wrong?' James forgot that he has company. His mind could run wild sometimes. Okay.. A lot of the time.

'Sorry.. It's my mates. They'll probably arrived here in a year or so!' Sofia looked at him questioningly. 'His car broke down. Not counted for the matter of fact it'll take 40 to 50 minutes drive to be here from the cottage. I can't go home as the keys to my house is with my housemate who's in Newcastle visiting his mother. So… basically, I'm stuck in this hospital.' James frustration finally unleashed.

Sofia watch him in sympathy. After all, she knew that he have been waiting for his mates for a long while. Not to mention that he seemed tired too. 'You could wait in the lounge with me. The hospital allowed me to use it off visiting hour.'

'You're not going home?'

'No.. with the case and all. We also put her under police protection as a precaution. So...'

'Oh.. Are you sure I wouldn't be a bother? I mean with everything that…'

'Hey.. With your charm?' She cuts him off, smiling sarcastically. James looked at her in curiousity. It finally dawned on him. Two can play the game.

'See.. that's what I'm worried about. Women doctors,nurses,heck even patients will fall over my charming personality, not to mention my dashingly hansome look. You know, I'm a babe magnet!' He winked. Continuily explaining while Sofia patiently waiting. 'Then the lounge will be overcrowded,thus, it will make it hard for you to work.' James explained to Sofia as if he was talking about an invaluable comodity. His hands dances in the air, painting the pictures of his words.

'Now, because I'm Mr. Nice Guy and all, I'm worried the hospital might be understaffed because you know,they might faint at the sight of my good look, there's even possibility of a riot..' James face betrays nothing. It was the picture of composure and assurance. Sofia in the other hand, is chuckling,unconvinced.

'That's one hilarious joke, Mr. James Harris.. Now, in my expert opinion as a woman, I am sorry to tell you this but.. I don't think they'll look at you. I don't think they'll even notice you.' Sofia smiles with pride over her reply. James have just realised that she has dimples at the edge of her lovely lips.

'Wow.. And here I thought you're a sweetheart.' James pouted. 'You don't think I'm good looking?' His blue eyes shined like a puppy.

'Well….'Sofia's shrugs sympathetically. Eyeing James with mocked empathy. Her eyes gazed his blue puppy eyes and chuckled. She looked at her mobile for the time and stood up. She puts on her white jacket, occasionally glancing at James.

He followed her lead. He took his baby blue cardigan on his hands. He shook his head, grinning widely. 'Ha.. Ha.. You' re one funny doctor, you know that?'


The pots and plates flew off the table. The lamps thrashed to million pieces after close contact with the floor, even the wall. Outraged befallen the utensils. He can't believe he has let it happened.

You stupid.. stupid.. son of a bitch! She's a baby compared with the others. You have to be damn cocky! What the fuck did you put yourself into?

He pulled his hair hard. His mind immediately thought of a plan. They took her away from him! He convinced himself that he is okay. He just have to figure it out a way. There's no way they will stop him. No way! They have all the brilliant minds, but nothing compare to his.

He calms himself down and his eyes went to the book case opposite to where he was sitting. He stood up, avoiding the mess and walked towards it. He pushed the case, that is fill with books to the side. An old chipped brown coloured door came to his view. He turned the door knob and it creaked as the door opened.

He went down to the very room where he expresses his true self. He smiles of pride. All the torrent and battering that happened in this very room. Dried blood was on the view everywhere he glances. On the floor, across the walls, over the ceiling. He breathe in the air of the room. As if absorbing in the intelligence of past masterpieces.

I had four of them before. What harm can one daft pig cause? He stood on the stairs as he played back the memories of him realising his dream. Releasing his true essence.

'AHHHHHHHH' The woman shrieked. She shrieked as loud as thunder. The pain he caused her... But he does nothing else but smile, those evil smile. As she struggled with the shackles, he absorbed the fear in her eyes.

'Please..please..I have a two years old. Please, just let me go' He hears her beg accompany by the music of her sobs. He saw her as if all of it wasn't only on his memory. His eyes gazed upon the displaying images of his memory. Her torn eyes, green as the moss were distant. They were marred with pain.

He took a cricket bat that have nails imbedded in them. His sweet invention struck her torso as he ignores the pleading and shrieks. Pool of blood came spilling out as if water burst free of a broken dam. He smiles as he gazed on his hands. The very hands that pricked the nails out as it buried itself in her torso.

His ears were intent on listening to her whimpering in pain. Those pain was his fuel and again he struck her. After a while, she has given up on screaming and pleading. Her breathing became shallow and her mouth gurgled out more blood. He smiles as he remembered the feel of warm blood covered his body. He closes his eyes and came the woman pale, very dead eyes. Pride washed over as he knows that her death was on his hands. He stood up and gaze around the perimeter of his space.

My very own art studio.

He walks around the place that breamed with good memories.

'Shit.' He stumbled upon some of his tools. He seperated them with his right foot. There are some pocket knives, most of which are quite rusty. Some might find it of no use, but he discovers the brilliance of it. His canvas looked just the way he wanted them to. He studies a hammer and the old shackles. Droplets of blood stained itself on his tools as if it was always a part of them.

Then,there were items that he had made on his own. He took pride on his creation. He loves the medival era during which the most brilliant of societies utilising their intellingence on engineering machines of pure genius and pure malice. Of course to withhold ones high status then,you have to be prepared to fight for it! He is sure if he were to live in that era, the kings would've admire him with his ingenuity. He went through his stuff when he stumbled upon something that belonged to her.

It was her bag. There were books,pens and a couple of pencils. He opened her sketchbook to view drawings of people. There was a baby,two young hirls sitting on a bench,an old man reading newspaper,an older woman smiling.

I'll get you, you sad, pathetic soul...

He said upon viewing a picture of the girl looking over a window.


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