I was Raised by Family

I was raised by

Hits, kicks,

Tomato fights,

Screaming matches,

"You bite me, I bite back."

Sorta' sibling fights

I was reared by




"Give me a quarter"

Kinda' language

I was molded by

Online amateur writing,

2nd grade mxeid up wrods,

Sci-fi, adventure, mystery,


Magic Tree House,

"Guess and check doesn't work"

Type of reading

I was taught by

Feeling dumb,

Math help,

Genius classmates,

Geeks by the dozen,

"What's the square root of 567"

Kinda' smart kid in class

I was disciplined by

Migraines, dizziness,

Black spots,


"We have an extra family member"

Type of disability

I was raised by family.

I wrote this last september in english class, it was based off of "Raised By Women" by Kelly Norman Ellis.

Let me know what you think.