"Not again!" she groans, as the all too familiar page lights the screen.

403 Forbidden

Access denied. The bare black writing and almost white screen gives nothing away. Persistence with the refresh button will get her past this apparent dead end, she knows from weary experience.

Little does she know, 403 isn't a dead end.

It's a beginning: a portal to a secret world… if you can find the right key.

AN: there you go SA, thats as far as my imagination got me. I still think it would be more dramatic written by you, you could get teh main character to engage with the computer program nice and dramatically... go on, give it a go! And anyone else wants to continue this on; feel free :) I'm sure we've all experienced the frustration of 403 forbidden by now - use it! grab it by the horns and make something of it, go on!