A little piece of who she used to be is embedded in my heart,
and for a while it hurt like a piece of shrapnel because
I had to compare it to the girl sitting by me, a stranger.
But I think we'll both live again and
I think we'll both love again
even if it's not each other.
That piece of her will stay in my heart,
because neither first love nor true love can ever really die.
And I don't want it to.
Because for a year and four months
she was my light.
But sometimes you have to taste the darkness so here I am.
I've done my crying, done my lying, done my trying.
I'm starting slow, taking baby steps without her.
Maybe one day, we will be right for each other again
but for now
I'll just keep that piece of her in my heart,
keep the notes and the kisses in my memories,
and hope to god
that she finds someone better than me.