So there's this girl, and she's not what I expected.
But she's more than what I dreamed.
And for a year and four months,
she loved me deeper than I knew,
more fiercely than I could comprehend,
more completely than I understood.
And only when we stood teetering on the brink,
after I had left the sugar off my bitterest truths,
after I had ripped her up and hurt her deeper than anything,
she showed me both how beautiful her heart is
and how insanely stupid she can be.
To come back to me, who deserves nothing.
To profess commitment to me, to have the strength to need.
I give up my claim on her. She is hers, and I am mine.
And we are each others! and so we exist together.
We breathe and laugh and cry and love
and I work hard, dig deep inside myself
hoping to be better than I am
hoping to god
to deserve her.