Common courtesy

Sometimes I like you less

when you play the courtesy card

when you try to help by pulling open my chair,

or do my menial tasks

and not hit me

when I deserve a slap

It's unfair!

Like these programmed reactions

to television with no heart

and you play that part, alas,

like Beverly Hills High Class

with no sentiment, no remorse,

open doors and smile when I frown,

not ever conflicted or confused;

a lit fuse without powder

a fake!

Not you!

Like well-washed window panes

birds and bugs crash into

Eager to be brave, confront me,

never close enough to touch the warmth of you

It's all reserved for kindness

but love grows out of hate

and even if I wait

for you

with this courtesy curse

that was placed on you

it's like roots without water

meant to drown us all.....

I hate it when you play part

be you or no one at all.