+Goddess Of Wrath+: Yes, I have been away forever and have no excuse besides no inspiration. I'm sorry, but it suddenly came back to me and here it is.

Time For A Change

After giving himself a bath and a fresh new pair of clothes, Keagan came back to the living room to see Kuroji sleeping deeply. He watched as the sunlight hit Kuroji's face from the elegant window in the living room. He had given Kuroji some Asprin with sleeping aid in it and now he had to wait so he could give his pup a bath. Keagan walked over and sat by the teen on the floor. He turned on his T.V with the remote control and wondered why did he help Kuroji so much? The Discovery Channel jolted him out of thought with a woman explaining a scene with a pack of wolves.

Keagan smirked. "If only they could see real wolves." The domesticated wolves in front of him were a joke compared to the natural wild ones. He flipped the channel when his ears perked up to hear another car. The minty-pine smell could only mean one person."Good morning, Zaheal!" Keagan called when he heard the other male open the door.

Zaheal sneezed. "Good morning. Who is here?" Teal eyes traced the house as he walked toward Keagan.

Keagan said, "Someone I would like everyone to meet. He's a new pup." Gold eyes took in the appearance of the other male as he came to the opening in the wall. Zaheal's jacket was dirty and jeans were ripped. His shoulder length black hair had leaves and dirt in it. "What happened to you?" Keagan's eyes flashed blue.

Zaheal smiled. "Nothing. Got dirty while chasing a deer." He yawned. "And just where have you been since yesterday? Getting him?" He nodded towards Kuroji.

"I was out patrolling when I smelt him." Keagan nodded behind him. Kuroji hadn't stirred a bit.

"Hmm." Zaheal walked over towards them. He bent down and sniffed Kuroji's head. "He does need a bath though. He's cute." When Zaheal leaned over Keagan saw a scratch near his collar bone. Zaheal remained still as Keagan quickly pulled the petite male towards him and trailed his nose against his neck.

"I thought you were just hunting deer." Keagan glared at Zaheal. Gold eyes blazed with fury.

Zaheal blinked and said in a obvious voice, "I did. Running through the woods gives you scratches."

"Yes, but not claw marks." Keagan licked at the angry red mark violating the pale skin Zaheal had. The wolf shivered as his alpha gave the scratch attention.

"Now tell me who did it or do I have to force it out of you?" Keagan growled as he bit the scratch and held Zaheal in place.

Zaheal blushed at the show of dominance. "I-it was a bear! The deer ran in it's territory and it saw me. That's all I swear!". Keagan nibbled at the bite wound. "Please Keagan, stop!"

Keagan flipped them over landing on top of Zaheal. His hands on each side of Zaheal's head. "I don't want to be lied too. Next time you say it's a bear I will personally string the bastard by his balls." Keagan was inch away from Zaheal's face. "Do I make myself clear?"

Teals eyes turned away in submission. "Yes."

"Now who was it? Was it that beta from Tennessee?" Keagan asked gently this time. He got a nod. "Good." Keagan kissed Zaheal. "Next time I see him, he will get taught to leave you alone." Keagan stood up and offered a hand to Zaheal who took it gratefully.

"Can I go now?" Zaheal keeping his eyes trained to the floor.

"Hmm. Should I let you go out again after what just happened?" Keagan smirked. "Go take a bath yourself okay?" Zaheal looked up and nodded. Keagan let go of his hand and shooed him away.

Looking back at Kuroji he wondered aloud. "You are a hard sleeper." Kuroji continued to sleep on peacefully oblivious of the world around him.


Some time later in the evening the pup who had been sleeping all day stirred. He opened his eyes slowly revealing chocolate jewels. His body ached and protested and was sore. Kuroji turned his head to the right and saw through the window that it was night. "What....?" He couldn't form a sentence as the flashes of the past night and day came to his head. Kuroji slowly pushed up on his elbows and whined. His wound still hurt, but it was better.

After hearing a whine from his puppy, Keagan came from his bedroom where he'd been taking a nap. He told Zaheal to go and buy some human food. Beer was not going to feed his pup. "Kuroji?" He called.

Kuroji turned his head back and listened to Keagan's baritone voice. His skinny frame showing through his dirty clothes as he breathed in and out. Keagan came up behind him forcing Kuroji to look up. Keagan bent down and kissed Kuroji on the lips. "It's time for you to take a bath sleepyhead." Kuroji could only look in horror.