she's wearing the dress, the red one. she looks beautiful, but no one will ever see, because it's only meant for him.
& he doesn't care.
her hair is tangled, the makeup runs down her face. it's raining, her dress is heavy. she's crying for him.
& he doesn't care.
she's driving fast now, the image of him burned into her memory, her eyes flood, the message is sent, it's almost over.
& he doesn't care.
the fire is burning, the rain is streaking, the lights are flashing, the sirens are screaming, the blood is flowing.
& he doesn't care.
her conciousness wanes, the men are lifting her body, the pain is searing. his face, blurred, comes into view.
why is he here?
she blacks out, voices are whispered, she hears her name, her hand feels warm, & she doesn't feel alone.
what is this?
she wakes up, confused & dizzy, his face is looking down at hers, tears in his eyes, a smile on his face.
why is he crying?
he leans over the bed, his hand is on hers, he says he was worried, she doesn't understand.
why was he worried?
he leans in further, places a gentle kiss on her cheek, & smiles. his smile is so lovely, yet she still doesn't understand.
why does he care?
a week passes, he sees her everyday, brings her flowers, tells her stories.
& she's beginning to believe;
that maybe he cares.
she's finally well, & she is allowed to leave. he helps her walk out, his hand takes hers.
is it true, does he really care?
he gives her a ride, takes her somewhere new. they sit under a tree. he apologizes for that night.
what's there to apologize for?
he says that he never meant to hurt her, it was all a misunderstanding, he has cared all along.
cared all along?
he was only lying to himself, being too shy, but when she got hurt, he knew what he had almost lost.
& that's when he realized.
he cared all along.
& she's so in love with him, & he's so in love with her, & death almost tore them apart before he realized...
that he really did care.

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