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Title: KoKo

Author: Melissa

Rating: K+

Pairings: HETERO

Warnings: Nothing much this time- slight swearing, Sappy, Sugary Love, Sweet and sensitive content and strange ideas.

Summary: SHOUJO. SWEET & SENSITIVE. A bird is granted a wish to assume a human form and collect lost souls in order to fulfill her wish- there is only one catch, she cannot fall in love with whomever she helps. When she meets a troubled man named Himitsu, will she chose to let him suffer or heal him and risk losing her love?



By: Melissa Norvell



I've been watching him for a while now. He just moved into the Sakaraku Apartment Complex and took residence in the room that faces my home.

He's tall, a good six foot in height, lean and muscular with green, spiky hair and eyes that would put the heavens to shame. He's a stern and powerful creature but he never seems to smile.

I often catch him glancing up towards the sky with a forlorn and nostalgic look on his face. Even though there are other people in the apartments, he always seemed so lonely.

I wished that I could make him happy but what can I do? I'm helpless from my position in this tree outside of his window.

He does take comfort in my presence, however. He enjoys my singing and listens to me in the early morning. He's by my side, every morning as I sing my brilliant song and sometimes, I think that I'm the only one who seems to bring him joy.

I am the sparrow that sings at his window and watches him as time passes by…and my greatest dream is to one day see him smile.

To Be Continued…

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KoKo © Melissa Norvell. This work was created on 5/25/09 and written on 6/5/09, all contents and characters are copyrighted to Melissa Norvell and are not to be used without her permission.