My life loves to torment me. They say one must suffer to write. Well, then I'm going to be one heck of a writer.

I was reflecting today, on a day long passed. It was an interesting day, which only goes to show how my life loves to torment me.

I was sick. Getting a cold, but not sick enough to stay home. Headache, sore throat, the whole shebang. So I think to myself, which is an odd statement. If you're not thinking to yourself, who else would you be thinking to? Anyway, I think that I'll take a nap during lunch. I'm not that hungry anyway, and it was still nice and sunny. It was Early September, and still rather warm. So I bring my black hoody, which I love. It has a snake printed across the front with fake snakeskin on the arm, the pocket and inside the hood. I really love this jacket.

The lay out of my school is meant for California. Not Washington. To get to any of your classes, you must go outside. Rain doesn't bother me, but snow can be a different matter... I'm getting off topic. So I head out to this grassy courtyard where I can (hopefully) nap without being interupted. I chose this place for multiple reasons. A) It has really soft grass. B) My friends don't normally go past there. and C) It got a lot of noon sun.

So I lay down on my stomach on the grass. Ready to nap away some of the headache pounding at my temples. Now here comes the torment.

I'm napping for maybe five to ten minutes. My lunch is half an hour. Enter my friends.

Apparently, it is unacceptable for me to sleep, while they are there to talk to. And so....

The first friend, let's call her A, comes up and shakes my shoulders. "Dora! Wake up!"

I lift my throbbing skull just enough to tell all of them to go away.

Now, friend B and C also join, With D off in the distance watching. B sits on my back while C starts putting grass in my hair and A is tickling my side. Now this would tick me off on normal circumstances. Let alone when I'm sick and have a headache. I flip my hood up and try to ignore them. A yanks the hood back, and then screams in my ear, while I still have a headache; "DORA, WAKE UP!!"

Now, who wouldn't get majorly ticked off at this? But I am praying for patience and merely tell them to go away, yet again. Then they decide, that being awake is not enough. I need to be standing. So they grab my feet and try to drag me across the grass. I, being just so stubborn, grab onto the grass to anchor myself. Now here's where I don't get their logic. The want me to STAND, so they grab my feet?What am I supposed to do? Go into a hand stand? I can do a hand stand, but at that point, lying down and going to sleep is all I'm interested in. Now they are getting frustrated. Yippee. Now they try lifting me up. A, B, C and now D are trying to pick me up off the ground. I don't weigh that much. Especially for four people. But, me and my mulishness, I'm still holding onto the grass. This is nice grass. Good strong roots and long enough for me to get a good grip. They can't lift me. A small victory. Now, A, has a hold of my left ankle. I'm wearing these sneakers with double laces. One normal black set, and one red ribbon set. They look really cool, but they are a pain in the neck to tie. 'A' takes my shoe.

Now, who, before now, would have lost their temper? There is a reason behind my nickname "Dynamite Dora", which is my temper. I don't loose my temper often. I try to avoid it. So, imagine my temper as a stick of dynamite with a really long fuse. All of this has been eating away at the fuse, and the taking of my shoe is the last straw.

So I sit up, my head is screaming for me to lie back down, but I don't care. I'm too ticked off to care. So, from under my black hoody, I am glaring at her. A full on Death Glare, that anyone who knows me would take as a sign to back the heck off. And in a voice that is deadly calm, I say, "Give me back my shoe." Normally I would be polite and say 'please', but I'm not feeling too polite at the moment. My voice is very hoarse, too, so I don't even want to talk. 'A' shakes her head, and takes a step back, grinning at me. She thinks that she has one. I'm awake, I'm sitting up, and I'm talking. All that she wanted me to do. A crowd has gathered. It is apparently quite interesting to see someone get dragged across the grass. Friend E had walked up before now, and was acting as the voice of reason, telling them to leave me alone. Unfortunately, no one listens to E, and so....

I repeat myself, in the same deadly calm voice. The same voice, that you have no doubt heard before. The "Don't F**k with me" voice. You know what I'm talking about. She again, shakes her head, and takes another step back, taunting me to follow her. Again, I repeat myself. She takes a step to the side, as if she's going to walk away. Only the pain stabbing through my skull stops me from tackling her. So, instead, I scream.

"I'm sick, I'm tired, and I have a headache. Now give me back my F**KING SHOE!!"

I must have made a very interesting face while screaming this, because she looked rather freaked out.

NOW she realizes that I am not kidding. Shocker. That maybe, just maybe, she should leave me the f**ck alone. That maybe she should give me back my shoe and let me sleep.

Where was this thought fifteen minutes ago?

She gives me back my shoe, which I snatch from her, because I am really not in a good mood. Even so, I manage to say a venomous "Thank you" as I put on my shoe. I lie back down on the grass to salvage what was left of my nap, and they actually let me sleep. Hallelujah. E stands guard over me, as there is still a crowd.

Now here comes life's torment. After all this, not two minutes later, my cell phone goes off. I had set the alarm to go off in time to let me get back to class on time.

For the rest of the day, I had this murderous expression on my face. Can you blame me? However, I did feel really bad about swearing at my friend. So after I calm down, and catch a nap during the remainder of Math Class, I go apologize to her. She says, smiling, "Oh, I don't care. I'm just happy that you actually swore!"

Oy Vey.