Coins On The Kitchen Table

You once said "don't walk on the bloodstained field
That grows bloodstained trees" but now I place a bouquet
Of flowers on the doormat whilst calling out your name
In disbelief that you didn't listen to your own advice

And whilst standing here, I recall a comparable time when you
Fell onstage and everyone laughing in the audience shadowed my
Tears in the back row, but now they're gone and I finally have
The chance to be seen if only you would open the door

And let me tell you that I understand how biting on concrete
Dreams only increases the risk of swallowing what hasn't been
Chewed properly therefore you shouldn't interpret my
Presence here today as sympathy but encouragement

Because I'm ready to untie the knot that has your mind bound
To that past, remove the baggage from the backseat of your
Heart and put into your hands the coins you left on the kitchen
Table that could have been taken by someone who was hungry

However, I know that you may never understand my language let
Alone discover my existence but the vision of me having my face
Buried in your hair whilst caressing you towards the beginning of
Forever this night is still trapped within and refuses to break free

So for now I'll stay right here clinging onto my deep faith in you,
Acknowledging that the opportunity to pull in a heavy fishing net
From the ocean is plagued by unfavourable weather conditions but
I just hope so much that you'll at least pick up and smell the flowers…