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Log of a survivor:

As the 21st century draws to a close, and the dawn of the new century draws ever closer the human race faces it's greatest enemy to date. Cyber Genetic Humans, Cyborgs. Created for the single purpose, to finish this war, to delete the existence of all organic life on the planet. Will we survive? That is now about to be answered.


Who am I? What am I?


Date: November 29th, 2099. The Old City, Jerusalem, Israel.

"GET DOWN!!" the order came just before the explosion hit, shaking the foundations of the ancient city of Jerusalem. The small group desperately made their way to the ruined Church of the Flagellation.

"HARBRINGERS!!!" And another wave of loud machine gun fire echoed. "GET INSIDE THE CHURCH!!" and they did, as the last two made it in, a bomb was set off.

"How many we loose Anna?"

"We lost ten. Thowra contact base, we need air support." Anna said, and Thowra nodded, pulling out his pocket com. "Only four of us left." She said as she counted heads. "Anyone badly wounded?" She asked, they all shook their heads, guns at the ready.

"Anna. Base is sending in a rescue pod, they'll be around five minutes." Thowra said, Anna nodded. A sudden noise from the other end of the church drew their attention, all guns pointed at the rubble.

"I'm picking up an organic heartbeat." Ian said. Anna crept closer to the rubble, cocking her rifle. "Hold on! These signals can't be right."

"What is it Ian?" Anna asked as she drew closer.

"I picking up machine signals. And they ain't from outside." He replied. "Anna get back!" He yelled as a black haired male rose from the rubble. "Cyborg!!"

"Fire!!" She yelled. And they all opened fire, "Aim for the heart or the head!!" Several shots hit the chest area and lower head. The creature fell down dead, Anna went forward gun at the ready. She kicked it to make sure it was dead, "It was an older model." She said as she rolled it over. She stared into it's blank eyes.

"Anna rides here!" Carlos called in his thick New York accent. "Best get going." Anna nodded and came along.

They boared the pod and it took to the air. Anna sat looking at the ruined church, "Who would do that?" She muttered.

"Do what?" Carlos asked her. She shook her head, "Right."


Log of a survivor:

This war has claimed many of us now. Friends, Family, comrades. But this isn't over, many more will die. That is an unstoppable coarse in this life.

But as we come to the closing of the old era, will you stand and fight? Or will you join them and become their puppets? This I cannot decide for you, no one can decide it for you.

But if you do give up hope. Maybe you will find a peaceful dead, away from this. This is all I can ask of you, no more no less. The war will end, maybe not today or tomorrow but it will end.

This is the end of yesterday,

Whoever is listening, this is the future.

Gabriel Anna Corvius.


This is not right! What am I!? If you can hear this message help!

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This is a voice log entry on the Interspace. Anything in this style is from a friendly, mostly Anna.

This is a voice log also on the Interspace. But it is an unknown.)