Spoke the capybara, to its capysons and daughters, "I have today, dear children, a tale of different structure; no men on horses, dragons, or boring lesson-filled lectures," the children raised their hairy brown heads and whined in a hairy brown voice, "Oh, but, papa, is there even a tale you have not told us twice?" the large old rodent shook his furry head, "listen to my tale, dear children, or I shall send you straight to bed,"

There was once a weaver

The finest in the land

And there was once a dreamer

One day he asked her for her hand

"For me to court you, dear dreamer, I require more than that,"

"A walrus, a cabbage and a beaver-skin hat,"

The dreamer did not understand the weaver's strong convictions

Nor did he overhear the court's jurist diction

But all that did not matter, for he went far away

And one year later he returned, to the weaver's great dismay

"Dear weaver, I have brought the objects you requested of,"

"I hope you will accept these and my undivided love,"

He laid before her a single snakeskin glove

A porpoise, a turnip, and (of course) his baggage

Spoke the weaver,

"You silly boy, just how can you confuse cabbage with baggage?"

And, dear reader, I hope you comprehend, that this story is nothing but nonsense from beginning to end.