"I want you all to treat my son, Jesus, the way you treat me. I consider him my equal" a loud and powerful voice boomed.

All of the angels bowed down as one in respect, all but one, Lucifer, who hesitated with a few seconds of indecion on his face before gracefully bowing down.

Out of the corner of his eye Raphael saw the hesitation across his lover's face and he bit his lip in worry. He was not the only one to see the hesitation though, God and his son saw it too.

There was sorrow in God's eyes, knowing what was to come, yet hopeless to stop it. Lucifer…My most brilliant angel…he thought.

Alex quickly woke up, sweat trickling down his forhead. His breathing was deep as if he had run a mile as his heart fluttered at seeing Lucifer's face.

"What are these dreams that I've been having and why do I keep feeling as if my heart is torn from my face?"

He reached over and turned on his bedside lamp. He rubbed his hand down his face before getting up and heading towards his kitchen.

He flipped on the light switch and the light quickly illuminated his classic black and white kitchen. He opened the fridge door and grabbed the gallon of milk, grabbed the "I Love Coffee" mug in the cabinet beside the fridge and poured the milk, put the milk back and walked to his small round table and sat down.

He looked out the window that was in front of him. It was still dark outside and all he could see was his pale reflection. He could see his raven black hair that was in a braid cascading over his shoulder and pooling around his knee, his emerald eyes looking dull from his lack of sleep, his whole form was hunched over his coffee mug as he took small sips of his milk.

He threw his head back and took the last sip of his milk like he would a shot of vodka. He slowly got up, took his cup to the sink, poured some warm water in it, and set it back down. He then turned off the lights and walked back to his bedroom.

He tossed and turned for awhile before finding a comfortable position to fall asleep in.