Moonlit Sunrise


Still I sit alone

My arms resting on the cold window sill

The crisp early morning wind

Whipped through the open window

Over my skin

And tangling my hair

My legs numb a long time ago

Since I had sat here

When the moon first began to fill

The night sky

Hoping that at some point

In that long night

You happened to cast a glance

At the same moon I was looking at

And that maybe

She would whisper you a few of my secrets

The moon is the best therapist I know

She listens to what you're thinking

Without having to answer

And eventually

You'll realise why you're crying

Next time you happen

To gaze thoughtfully at the moon

For even a moment

Think about all the people also searching for her miracles

And maybe that the person you love most

Is also looking at the same moon as you

Smiling at the thought of you

Starring too