To my Nocturnal Thoughts

Here's to you-

On any of my moonless nights,
You lure my dreams, leave me bare,
And thoughts come, swiftly, like red dawn.

They slip through the pane to shatter
The stillness of my night. And wake
My dormant mind, once frozen, blank.

Alive, it casts off sleep and wanders
Through the pane to the starred sky outside.
There thoughts set in, owls in the night.

Consume me if you must, I live with
Acts craven, beliefs alien, eyes open.
Beyond this pane, the world breathes deeply.

I face the pane and break through, to gather
My thoughts and tether them to a page, where
They wait until I wake them in the day.

Even if I could say I don't want you
With me, I would never. It hurts to stay
Silent and asleep in the dead of night.

Thank you.