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Sex, Drugs, Lies and Cliques

1: Innocent?

Sam Miliani and his friends strutted down the hall, making the simple jeans and t shirt they all wore bearing the message:

Resistance is futile.


Western Branch High School Varsity Wrestling


Look like Armani suits. Thomas Walter, one of the boys in Sam's group, slapped the books out of a freshman's hands, knowing that he would scramble for them and probably miss the bus. They all laughed, but stopped as someone had the audacity to step in front of Sam, then put their foot on one of the fallen textbooks that had skittered across the floor. Sam looked at the book, then noticed the girl stepping on it had on bright red, patent leather "fuck-me pumps"-as he called them. His eyes trailed upward, skimming over the dark wash skinny Jeans with a zipper on the side of the ankle up to the tight red shirt, past-no stopping back at- her cleavage then up to her face. Her hair covered one light brown eye that was phenomenally set in chocolate coloured skin and she wore some sort of tinted gloss on her lips. Sam blew his curly hair out of his face, revealing hazel eyes more green than brown and said, "hell-oh. The name's Samuel. Samuel Miliani. But all the pretty girls call me Sam."

"Does that mean your friends are girls too?" Sam chuckled. "You're feisty. I like it." She smiled and picked up the book before slamming it into Sam's chest and saying, "Don't get too attached. I saw what your little punk ass homeboy over there did to that freshman, and I suggest strongly that you undo it before you find a nasty surprise in your goodie bag at tonight's match." Sam grabbed the book, told Thomas to apologise, then grabbed the girl by her arm and pulled her closer.

"Look, you're obviously new here, so there's something that's good to know. This crew, we run this high school, and it's not a wise thing to get on one of our bad sides."

"I don't care." she said, "If I feel it's right, I'm gonna say it." she pulled away and said, "Why don't you just go suit up?" She turned to leave, but slipped on some papers and began to fall. Sam reached out and quickly caught her, slamming her into his groin as her feet slid back and he tightened her grip to keep her from falling. She gasped at the impact, then said, "If you don't have a ride after the game, I'd be more than happy to give you one. My car goes from zero to 60 in 3.5."

"Yeah and probably runs out of steam just as fast. You don't recognise me, do you Sam?"

"Should I?"

"Yeah. I sat by you in history class last year." Sam gasped and said, "I think I do." He let go and she sat up, he could see it now, the oval face, the eyes albeit the thick rimmed glasses, this was definitely Xander Alexandria. He smiled and said, "That ride is still up for grabs." she smiled.

"Maybe I'll take it." his posse laughed.

"Oh give me a break. I just don't wanna ride the bus." She walked off, her friends giggling about "How hot Sam is?" and "Oh my god, he totally wants you!" Sam watched her go and said, "Michael." Michael Pearson, a thin peaky boy with dark hair and eyebrows that gave him the perpetual appearance of being angry, stepped up, "Yeah Sam?"

"Find out everything about her, what her classes are, her favourite hangouts, if she sneezes in fourth block and thanks someone for saying 'bless you' I want to know. got it?"

"Got it."

"Jared, Cartier, you go with him." Jared Reed, a boy with hair that was bright orange at the roots and strawberry blonde at the tips-the result of a botched bleaching attempt- looked up and said, "Right." as Cartier Drain, a boy with long blonde hair that covered one eye simply nodded. Michael gestured for them to follow, then headed down H hall. He veered off to the right suddenly, Cartier pulling Jared into the boys bathroom as he stupidly veered off in the opposite direction.

"Where are you going, idiot?" Jared appeared visibly shaken, Cartier was thin with lean muscle, but Jared had seen what he can do to people.

"I…I…she went that way." Cartier flicked his hair out of his eye and dropped Jared.

"Good eye. But you won't go far if you don't figure out that when we walk, we follow whoever's in charge."

"Why?" Cartier got in his face, "It's just what we do, and don't question me, got it?" Jared nodded quickly. Michael sighed and said, tapping a new pack of Newport Lights against his palm, "Yeah, yeah, don't scare the boy Cartier. We didn't do it to you…. well, Tony did, and he's got a limp." Cartier grabbed a cigarette from Michael, then passed a second to Jared and leaned against the wall. "He needs to man up." He said, lighting the cigarette, taking a draw, then exhaling, " He's the only virgin." Jared, who had just put the cigarette to his lips, inhaled sharply at Cartier's words and began to choke, Michael laughing as plumes of smoke bellowed from his lungs like a chimney.

"What?" he gasped out, "No I'm not." Cartier grabbed him by the collar and slammed him against the wall, never dropping his cigarette. "You're a liar. I strongly dislike liars. If you're a virgin, admit it, and we'll fix it before Sam finds out." Jared pushed against Cartier's hands. They didn't move.

"Why can't I be a virgin?"

"Because," Michael said, "We give off the bad boy vibe. Virgins aren't bad boys. They're good Christian boys who stay at home and read the bible, too scared to go for the hot girl across the street that wants it."

Jared made a mental note to take his bible off his bedside table. Cartier sighed and shook his head, then dropped him, pulled out his cell phone and texted Jared a number. Jared looked at it, "Who the fuck is this?"

"Amanda Anderson. Biggest slut in the ROTC, the Junior class, possibly the school. Call her. Tonight. And wear a condom, rumour has it she's knocked up and she's tryin to pin it on someone."

Jared sighed.

What the hell have I gotten myself into?


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