Author's Note.

I have to say…I had more fun with this than any other work I've done! It was so much fun doing research for this story, and then one of my friends gave birth and another discovered she was pregnant while I was writing (well technically at track)? It just added to the fun because I could tell them what cool little things were going on in their bodies! I'm gonna be an auntie/godparent!! I'm so excited for my sister Rae's baby little Natalie to come in the world…Maybe I'll teach her how to draw…

Anyway…I'd like to thank my bestest writing buddy The Eternal Traveler for essentially-as I always say-putting up with my shit, and putting a smile on my face with comments about things that happened to Cartier in the story. I'd have quit writing halfway through this if I hadn't known at least this one person was reading.

There was so much musical influence on this. Most chapters were pounded out with my MP3 on blast playing some random song, like right now. It's cranked to like eleventy billion (I'm gonna go deaf, I know, but the bass is AMAZING!) playing "Sweet Dreams" by Beyonce. My guilty pleasure, I ain't goin nowhere, baby long as you're here, I'll be floating on air, cuz you're my…Gah, it skipped to Green Light. Dammit. Moving on…you could probably tell from the titles that this has some music influence.

Thanks for reading this, some of the reviews made my day, and it's good to know I actually have some talent!