In high school Pace was a dreamer, ambitious but detached. He didn't say much, so that many of the people who interacted with him were left with impressions, but not real facts; vibes or feelings, but no solid character traits, nothing they could hold onto. He was always off in the clouds, always with chocolate eyes glazed over and lips soundlessly forming words. (He didn't talk to himself, as Thalia later found out. He just held discourse with the heavens).

It was probably this most of all that attracted her to him.

Like the rest of the girls at their small school, she was oddly tempted. He was a mystery. If asked, no one would be able to pinpoint exactly who his friends were, or what he liked to do in his spare time. No one knew anything about him other than what they could observe, and he went on his way either unaware that his whole school was watching him or not caring in the least. The same questions ran through the mind of everyone who noticed him: Who is this kid? Why does he do the strange things that he does?

The question that ran through Thalia's mind most often was: What does it take to get his attention?


the thing about this story right now is that i don't have motivation. so i'm posting the first few bits in order to maybe gain some motivation. i still like the premise behind the trilogy, and i'd like to finish them. but i haven't...felt like it. which is horrible. everyone should always feel like writing.

so here you go. also my other main intent in posting these bits is to get feedback, and by that i mean actual constructive reviews. i like nice fluffy reviews as much as the next person. they give me encouragement without saying much, and no one loses. but for this story i'd really appreciate whatever you have in terms of suggestions, questions, comments, etc.

yeah. :)