In the olden days, before books and religion, there existed four groups of ultimate beings. These beings interacted together in worlds of their own. There were no ranks among them, for they were all equal. There was no room for spite, jealousy, or sin.

One group consisted of the Gods. The Gods were dreamy entities, always dreaming up incredible plans for the future. That's when they created the first impurity: competition. With competition brought spite and fury. The Gods separated their ranks and soon became known as two different beings: Angels and Demons.

The Angels' plans were pure and helpful. The Demons' were the exact opposite, leading to darkness and destruction.

The second group of entities was known as the Vampires. They were the first to take advantage of the Gods arguments. Seeing the weakness in the newly formed Angels and Demons, the Vampires attacked them, harvesting their blood to gain new strengths and abilities they had never known. Never again would they die off. Soon, the Vampires began breeding with these Demons and Angels, lowering their ranks and purpose. This new breed became known as Humans.

The third group was the Magicians. The Magicians were shape shifters, all powerful, and soon became greedy for power. That was the birth of another impurity. They liked the form of the Humans, so that is the form they took and most kept. The entities were falling and crashing.

The final group of ultimate beings was the Dragons. They were the wisest and most practical of them all. The other entities came to them for advice on the collapsing situations. The Dragons saw the destruction that had happened and drew weary of the battling between their friends. They cast them all away, to separate dimensions, separate worlds, giving them one final prophecy.

"When the universe comes together and the entities settle on one world, time will end through your own destructions, unless one hero can save you all. Pray he lives then."

That was a long time ago, just as time was beginning. The clock of fate began turning on that day, so they knew it would be a while. Well now the time has come. The universe is closing in and there is only one world left to reside to. The ultimate beings are coming together.

It's already started.

Now, all there is hope for is that the hero comes to rise.


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