I don't know why I never put this up until now.

The Ghost of Writer's Block Forest

"Lie, c'mon." Dom McCormick waved his surrogate sister, Laia Starrett, over to follow him down the hill from the little church; they needed all the prayer they could get before they went into the forest.

Breathing heavily, Laia gave Dom a thumb's up. "I'm… coming…" she wheezed, wishing terribly that she had her inhaler on her.

Dom rolled his eyes as he reached the bottom of the hill. "Laia, would you hurry up?" he groaned. "At the rate you're going, we'll never get to 50K City by the end of the month!"

Laia nodded and taking a deep breath, marched next to Dom, giving him an irritated look. "I'm sorry I have asthma," she said dryly.

"Well you shoulda brought your inhaler," retorted Dom.

"I forgot!"

"Don't you always?" A wide smirk crossed Dom's face as Laia glared at him bitterly.

"You're a bad person," she said matter-of-factly before walking onward. "Well, are we going into the forest or not?"

Dom chuckled and jogged after her. They could see Writer's Block Forest a mile ahead of them and walked there in silence. They knew the rumors of a ghost who preyed upon the travelers who went through there. Few went in, none came out. Even the train that ran through the forest always came out of there completely abandoned. It was like a bad horror movie, really. But that didn't make it any less true.

The only reason NaNoers went in there to begin with was because of a book in the middle of the forest: The Book of McGuffin. The Book of McGuffin was supposed to provide the traveler with a map of a quick route to 50K City. No one knew if the book was real, but finding it would make the horrors of Writer's Block Forest and its ghost worth it.

"Are you sure you want to go in there?" Laia asked Dom as the stood on the edge of the forest. It was awfully dark in there; they couldn't see anything but brown and green.

Dom nodded. "Are you too scared?" he asked somewhat mockingly.

Laia's jaw stiffened. "No," she said stubbornly. "Lead the way, boyo."

"'Boyo?'" Dom raised an eyebrow as they entered the forest. "You're a really big dork."

"I know, but people love me anyways." Laia grinned, but it fell when everything went a bit darker. There was a feeling of unease as they slowly walked alongside the railroad tracks. They didn't talk except for the occasional, "Watch your step" and "WAH!" and "I told you to watch your step!"

After a couple hours of walking, the two of them knew that they were coming into the thickest part of the forest because it was darker than ever. The only sounds besides footsteps were the wind and the occasional little critter freaking Dom and Laia out by making twigs snap.

"Dom?" Laia caught up with Dom, who was a few paces ahead of her, and asked somewhat nervously, "You're sure the Book of McGuffin is real, right?"

"Positive," replied Dom, who sounded a little skittish himself. They moved along, trying to ignore that deep foreboding feeling that was tying their stomachs into a knot. It certainly didn't soothe them when the wind suddenly stopped and it grew very cold. Ahead of them was a thick fog that seemed almost sinister.

Laia inhaled sharply and said quietly, "Something's wrong here."

As if on cue, a figure appeared in the fog and started walking towards them. Dom and Laia froze and their hearts stopped for half a moment as the figure came closer.

It was a translucent white color and looked like it was part of the fog, but fog doesn't have cold solid white eyes and it certainly doesn't stare at people intently. It was moving very slowly, which made Dom wonder why he and Laia weren't just running for it. But something was stopping them from doing so.

"She keeps glaring… she hates us," said Dom, looking at Laia with wide eyes. "She hates us, Lie!"

Laia swallowed hard. She certainly had that feeling too, but her mouth was too dry to respond to Dom, so she nodded in agreement.

The ghost was within fifteen feet of them now. There were silvery bloodstains all over her and with every inch she moved, it got a little colder. It had to be near freezing by then.

Laia started hyperventilating as the ghost glided towards her and once they were within a foot of each other, Laia stopped breathing altogether and promptly fell to the ground, literally scared to death.

The ghost seemed to smile as she turned to a horrified Dom, who was trying to get his legs to cooperate and let him run away, but the stupid things weren't listening to him. Oh God, oh God, oh God, Dom thought frantically as the ghost started closing in on him, that wicked smile on her face, and suddenly everything was black.

Few go in, none come out….

This was part of a geology assignment, believe it or not. The semester assignment was to create our own island, and being a complete and total dork, I called mine NaNoWriMo Island. As part of the grade, we had to write an island myth. :) I'm not very good at being scary, but I got a good grade on it. ^^

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