Chapter 1: Flaming in the Dorms

Damien couldn't help but lick his lips in delight at the gorgeous sight in front of him. He rolled over on his back, and the dorm mattress screeched loudly beneath him, as he ran a hand over his hardening cock. Hmmm. Nacho cheese or chocolate syrup? He just couldn't decide which would be best served with a side of hunky, muscular jock. His roommate, Scott Winthrop, was truly a sight to behold -there was no doubt about it!

Scott was fresh from the showers and bending over to slip on his pants, which was one of Damien's favorite positions for the sexy man. That fine muscular ass was a work of art any way he looked at it, and it played a starring role in his wet dreams on most nights. He squeezed the tip of his aching cock through his jeans and moaned quietly at the shiver that ran up his spine.

"Bend over further Scott. Let me see the holy land, you hot piece of ass you."

Scott jerked up his pants quickly, to hide the bare ass in question, glaring playfully over his shoulder, as he gave Damien a peak at those sexy, violet eyes. When Damien blew him a kiss Scott rolled his eyes dramatically, and then tossed the wet, discarded towel from his shower at the horny young man watching him dress. Damien caught it before it could hit him in the face and grinned broadly, winging his blond eyebrows at the studly brunette before running a tongue suggestively around his lips.

"Dammit Damien! I told you to stop doing that shit. I know you're gay and all that, but that doesn't mean I'm your personal pin-up calendar. And quit touching yourself in front of me! Jeez!" Damien's only response was to give Scott a sexy grin before holding the damp towel up to his nose and inhaling the intoxicating scent left there.

Scott jerked a shirt on as he stormed out of the room, trying to hide a grin, and heading for who knows where, while Damien snickered at his roommates expense. He knew it was mean, but he liked to see Scott squirm any chance he got. He knew it didn't really bother Scott as much as he put on -it was more like a game they played. Damien grinned to himself as he unzipped his uniform pants and started stroking his dripping cock roughly, determined to get his rocks off before his roomy showed back up.

Scott might put up with his teasing, but Damien was pretty sure he'd draw the line at a flat out public jerk-off session. It didn't take long for the pressure in his balls to build up to a critical level, so he hiked his clean shirt up as far as it would go, just seconds before he exploded all over his hand and stomach. He laid there for few seconds gasping for breath. Oh yeah! Scott was definitely an effective bit of inspiration!

Suddenly remembering that he was late for breakfast, Damien jumped up off of the bed and cleaned up his mess with some tissues from his desk and tossed them in the trash. Then he headed out for the cafeteria to grab breakfast before class started. He knew that if he got there too late that he'd be stuck with nothing but cold cereal again and he really hated that nasty shit!

He jogged down the hall to the stairwell and hopped down the stairs two and three at a time. Then he dashed the remaining hundred feet to the cafeteria and rushed through the open double doors. Still a little out of breath from his run, Damien jumped in line hoping to get there before all of the edible food disappeared, but about the time he reached for a tray someone smacked him in the back of the head. Hard.

"If you're lookin' for the wieners -they're fresh out fagot!" Damien just rolled his eyes and turned to see who drew the 'fuck with Damien' card for the day. A big pimply, lumberjack looking bastard hovered behind him with a nasty snarl on his too fat lips. Damien knew he should just turn back around and leave it alone, but he just couldn't keep his mouth shut. This piece of shit had been giving him a hard time for a while now and he was just fed up.

"Oh, hey asshole! How's it goin'? Did you say you had a nice, hot wiener I might be interested in?" He just stood there and watched as the Neanderthal's eyes widened in shock at his reply, before he quickly turned an angry shade of red.

"Fuck you, you stupid little butt-wrangler! I ain't got nothin you'll ever get you perverted little hands on!"

"Really? Oh, thank god! I was worried for a minute that I'd have be the one to break it to ya how small your dick really is." Damien ran the back of his hand across his forehead, wiping away the imaginary sweat. "Shew, that's a load off my back -let me tell ya!"

After smiling sweetly at the arrogant ass, Damien turned back around and stepped forward in line, slapping a couple of eggs and a few sausage patties on his plate. The toast looked nice and crunchy, so he grabbed it too. Damien had just turned to head for the cashier's table when the tray in his hand suddenly launched across the room and his food right along with it. Not cool.

"What the fuck man?!"

Turning around quickly to see who'd disrespected his grub, Damien suddenly found himself with a big hand wrapped around his throat. At this point, he couldn't help but think to himself that maybe it would be a good idea in the future to pay more attention to the size of the dude he was smart-mouthing before he pissed him off! Today's guy was BIG! Not Scott big, but not a hell of a lot smaller either! Big dude tightened his grip and Damien knew he was in for another bruising good-time. So, when he heard the stern voice of his savior behind him, the relief that washed over him was immeasurable.

"You'd better put my roommate down Charles, before I have to kick you sorry ass. And I don't think you want that now do you?"

Charles quickly released his grip on Damien's throat and he dropped to the floor like a dirty sock on laundry day. His roomy threw a nasty look in Charles' direction and the fat prick wondered off, throwing Damien a threatening look as he went. Scott missed the silent exchange as he dragged Damien up by the neck of his shirt and brushed him off, and then shoved him back towards the lunch line.

"Jeez Energizer! Can't you get through breakfast without getting your scrawny ass kicked?" Scott murmured, shaking his head in disbelief before sending Damien a look of sympathy, then wandering back through the cafeteria as he headed out the doors.

"You better be glad your boyfriend was here or big old Charles would of kicked your scrawny ass through the roof Damien!"

Damien knew that voice. It was his buddy James Madison, the only other gay friend he had at Saint Mary's Catholic School. James was kind of hot actually, in a sandy-haired, blue-eyed, twink kind of way, but not really Damien's type. Oh, they played around sometimes but nothing serious. Damien wanted Scott after all! Dreading the lecture he knew was coming, he mumbled for James to 'fuck off' and then cut line in front of him.

"Not fair man! Back of the line like everybody else!"

"Screw you James! I've already been through the line once! If I wait to go through it again, I'll be stuck with that fucking nasty cereal!" Damien rolled his eyes in disgust -he really hated cereal! James just snickered at him as he shoved him on through.

"You know Damien. You seem to be making a nasty habit of getting your ass kicked lately! Maybe you should tone it down a bit? I mean, I've been here for fours years and can count on one hand how many times I've been beaten up! Hell, you get more shit than that in a week!" Damien rolled his eyes and wondered how many times they were going to have this conversation.

"Why the hell do you think my parents shipped my ass here man? They couldn't stand to be around me either! Well, the gay part they could handle, it was the other shit that pushed them over the edge. I think the actual word my dad used to describe me was 'flaming'. I can't help it though, it just seems like I stick out wherever I go." Damien was getting tired of it too. In his last school, they'd damn near beat him to death. And as bad as James thought he had it now, what he had to deal with here was a hundred times better than the shit he put up with back in Indiana!

"I'm just sayin Damien! Maybe if you could try to act more normal you wouldn't draw so much attention, ya know? The guys around here deal with the gay thing a lot better if you don't rub their faces in it all the time." Damien just rolled his eyes at James' comment. He'd heard this same shit a million times since he'd transferred here at the beginning of last year.

"That's kinda funny James, because they don't seem to mind one little bit when they're wanting a piece of what I've got."

He heard a few snickers and fag comments from the peanut gallery as they walked to their usual table near the back and sat down. It was true though. He'd had more offers for sex at this 'proper' Catholic, all-boys school in his first week than he'd had in his entire two years at his old school. Not that he minded. Not one little bit actually. He was a red-blooded 17-year-old boy after all!

"And besides, there's nothing but hormones and hard-ons any direction you look around here. It's like a Disney Land for cock lovers in this place. Next ride please!" James snorted, not the least bit amused by Damien's observation, and started eating. After a few minutes, James stopped and looked up again.

"Hey Damien." Damien looked back up at his best friend, a little annoyed that he'd interrupted his breakfast. Class started soon and he didn't have all fucking day.

"What now James?" James glanced at him sheepishly then turned a little pink around the ears.

"I was just wondering if you wanted to meet up before lunch later? It's been a few days since the last time we had a 'get together' -if you know what I mean?"

Damien thought about it for a second and figured what the hell? He'd been pretty hard-up lately, what with Scott running around the room looking so damn fine. And besides, it wasn't like Scott was gonna magically turn gay and give it up or anything.

"Sure, I don't see why not. You bring the supplies this time though." James grinned as he nodded in agreement, and then dug back into his food.

With that settled, Damien rushed through his meal and headed for the dormitory door. He had places to go and sexy, studly roommates to see. Sure enough, Scott was waiting outside the dorm for him, holding Damien's forgotten backpack as usual. His roomy always walked him to the first class of the day since they were next door to each other. Damien kind of liked it -actually, he absolutely loved it!- plus it kept all the jock-types off his ass in the mornings. Damien greeted his sex god with a sunny smile and a wave.

"Hey gorgeous! Whatcha got planned for the day?" Scott rolled his eyes at the comment and gave him that sexy grin. Oh what a kissable mouth on that man! Damien licked his lips at the sight, but Scott ignored him as they headed across campus toward to main school buildings.

"Same old shit. I've got football practice tonight until six so you'll have to get home by yourself in one piece. Think you can handle that?" It was Damien's turn to roll his eyes at his sex god.

"What do you think Scott? I've made it to seventeen in one piece, well... mostly. Hell, my roommate last year smacked me around on a daily basis! Now that I've got you living with me, I just have to worry about the other 2000 guys on campus !" Damien grinned and tried to make light of his comment but Scott didn't seem to think it was funny.

"That sorry piece of shit! I'd like to get my hands on that bastard, David, just once while nobody was looking!" Damien giggled at Scott's angry words. He liked it that his friend wanted to protect him, because heaven knows nobody else ever had. It made him feel special, and for the millionth time he wished the hottie quarterback was into guys.

"Ah, don't get your jockstrap in a twist over it man. It ain't nothin' new anyway. Oh yeah! I got soccer practice until five this afternoon. You think you'll have time to get to the cafeteria by seven o'clock tonight? We could eat together, and I need you to help me study for that trig test I have Monday." Scott's tutoring sessions were the only reason Damien hadn't flunked out of the class up till now, so he crossed his fingers and hoped for the best.

"Sure, but I'm outta there by eight-thirty. Me and some of the guys on the team are making plans to crash the homecoming dance over at the public high school tomorrow night." Damien barely held back a sigh. Scott wrapped around some hot girl, dancing and touching, was a depressing thought. But there wasn't a damn thing he could do about it. Scott was into chicks and all that. Then an idea popped into his head. Oh yeah! That might just work!

"Sure, an hour would beat the hell out of nothing. You know I'm hopeless on my own. Later, Gorgeous." They parted ways as they reached their destination and Damien slipped into his seat near the back of the classroom to work out his master plan.

A homecoming dance huh? The real reason his parents had shipped him here was because he had a fetish for cross-dressing. They hadn't said much at first, and had been fairly accepting of it all, but when the guys at his old school had found out, they'd ganged up on Damien to kick his ass and had put him in the hospital. After that, his parents decided he might be better off somewhere else. But Damien knew one thing. In drag, he made one hot chick! He'd have to talk to James about it later, but with any luck he'd be the one Scott was dancing with and touching tomorrow night.

He sat there daydreaming about all of the possible scenarios, and the morning slipped by in a haze like it usually did. Damien thought the day was going pretty good so far too. Except for the small incident in the cafeteria earlier that morning, he'd managed to slide through it with nothing but a few nasty comments and a grope here or there. No one had threatened him at the lockers between classes, or cornered him in an empty classroom hoping for sexual favors. When lunchtime finally rolled around, Damien was in a pretty good mood and looking forward to their 'get together' when he headed out to search for James.

They had a secret hiding place where they met in the basement of the school. James had pilfered a key to one of the supply closets down there, and since the janitors never came around during that time it was easy pickings. Sure enough, James was sitting by the supply closet door when Damien walked up. Standing up quickly to dig for the key, James wiggled his eyebrows suggestively as he unlocked the door. As soon as it was open, they both stumbled in and starting snatching at their clothes.

They had to make it quick since they only had forty-five minutes to play and eat lunch -one perk he loved about this private school. Damien quickly unhooked James' pants and pushed them down, underwear and all, to the floor. Then he ran his tongue playfully down his friends thin neck, and rubbed an erect nipple through James' shirt, before holding out a hand for a condom.

"Gimme James!"

James fumbled around in his crumpled pants on the floor, digging through pockets for a second, before striking gold. He finally handed over the prize and Damien snatched the offered rubber from his hand, impatiently ripping it open with his teeth, before quickly sliding it down James' throbbing length. Damien took him in deeply and didn't waste a second. This was about getting off. Nothing fancy. He sucked him into the back of his throat and swallowed around the tip as James moaned and bucked his hips.

Nearly gagging from the movement, Damien pinned James' hips to the shelf behind them to keep him still and then grabbed his balls and started messaging them to help his buddy along. It didn't take long either. Two minutes tops and he felt the rush of semen hit the tip of the condom in his mouth. James slid bonelessly to his knees and slipped the condom off his spent erection before pushing Damien onto to his back and leaning over him to return the favor.

If sucking cock won trophies, Damien would be the first to admit that James would have a room full. Ah, damn he was good. He just laid back and enjoyed it as the fire built up in his balls. That magical tongue swirled around his sensitive tip just before plunging back down and swallowing him to the root. Ah, Fuck! He knew it was over the second the pressure reached the tip of his swollen mushroom head and Damien forced down his cry of pleasure as he shot his load.

"Fuck you're good at that James! Whew!" He sat up, pulling at his pants, as he tried to catch his breath. "Oh, and loved the flavored condoms man. Tell me how much and I'll chip in on the next ones. Or hell, we'll just go get some tomorrow after school or something." James grinned at his enthusiasm, but who wouldn't prefer vanilla to latex any day?

"Yeah, I liked them a hell of a lot better. Since tomorrow's Friday, we'll hit the mall and I'll show you where I got them."

"It's a date man. So, lets get the hell out of here and go get some lunch or something. I'm fucking starving!" James just rolled his eyes and laughed again as he pulled up his pants.

"You're always starving Damien. You'd think as much as you ate that you'd weigh about 300 pounds. I'll never figure out how you stay so damn skinny! What do you weigh now 125 – 130?" They headed out of the room, locking it up on the way, and hurried towards the school cafeteria just up the stairs.

"Up yours James! I weigh 131, thank you very much! And don't let the skinny bod fool ya! I'm solid muscle man!" Damien did a nice imitation of a body builder pose as they made their way through the cafeteria doors and then flew the bird at the asshole who snickered as he walked by. James glared at him in irritation and started up with the same tired lecture he always gave Damien in these situations.

"You're going to get your ass kicked again if you keep that shit up. You're better off to keep your head down and ignore most of it." Damien just rolled his eyes at his friends advice.

"Yeah right! I did that at my last school and it was 'free for all on Damien day'- every day. Screw it! I figure I'll do what I have to in order to keep them from walking all over me, and if they don't like it, they can go ahead and kick my ass to get it out of their systems. Assholes!"

His comment had obviously pissed James off because his friend ignored him for a few minutes while they scraped through the leftovers and finally ended up with grilled cheese and fries. One of the down sides to their lunchtime 'get togethers' was that they ended up scraping the bottom of the barrel at lunchtime where food was concerned. They finally met up at their usual table, and James seemed to have gotten over his pouty mood, so Damien started gushing about what had been on his mind since he'd talked to Scott earlier.

"Okay, so here's the thing! Scott and some of his jock buddies are planning on crashing the homecoming dance down at the local high school. I think me and you should go too." James just froze and looked at him like he was crazy.

"What the hell man? You don't get your ass kicked enough around here, so you have to go find a whole new group of dudes to do it for you? Jeez Damien! Sometimes I think you're crazy or something! They make pills for that ya know." Despite James' resistance to his plan, Damien wasn't about to give up so easily.

"Just listen. We'll dress up like girls and sneak in. It'll be perfect! I know I can pass for one and I guarantee you could too. We'll skip classes tomorrow and head to the mall. A couple of dresses, some makeup, a little hairstyle make-over and we'll be golden." James' eyes widened dramatically as if he'd just realized that Damien was serious.

"Screw that Damien. You can go, but there's no way I am."

"Come ooon! It'll be more convincing if we both do it! Girl's are pack creatures, like wolves or something. They run in groups and all that. Please! I just wanna dance with Scott one time, maybe try to steal a kiss. Do it for me? It's gonna be the only chance I ever get to touch him, and you know I've been in love with the guy forever!" Giving James the sad, puppy dog eyes he usually reserved for Scott, Damien could see the second that James's resolved started to crumble.

"I just don't think it's a very good idea. I mean, if Scott finds out, you're a dead man, and you've still got to room with the guy until graduation. He's your bodyguard too. Not to mention, if anybody at that other school notices that we're guys, then we'll both be in deep shit." Lunch was almost over, so time was running short, and Damien knew that it was now or never, so he pulled out the big guns and hoped for the best.

"I'll let you fuck me." The second those words crossed his lips, Damien knew he'd won the battle. He'd only let James top him once in the year or so they'd been messing around, so he knew it would be hard for his friend to turn down the offer. James thought about it seriously for a minute and then smirked as his eyes filled with a lusty gleam.

"You let me do you and you promise to do me." Damien groaned at that idea. He'd never been much on topping and bottomed every chance he got, but it was for a good cause so he nodded his agreement, and held out a hand to shake on it.

"Done." That single word was all it took to make James grin like the cat who ate the mouse.

"Meet me at the mall at 9:00 a.m. sharp and we'll do this thing," James said with a smile as he stood up and headed off with his tray. Damien sat there and watched him go with a grin on his face. Him and James were both going to look so hot after he was done with them that the guys at Morgan County High School wouldn't have a chance. Oh yeah! Look out Scott! Damien is in the house!

The afternoon flew by after that, as Damien made plans in his mind for their shopping trip the following day. He drifted through his classes, not hearing a word that was said, and half-ass finished the drills that his soccer couch had planned. Then he headed back to the locker room to clean up and suddenly his luck for the day dried up. The captain of the soccer team, Gregg, tried to corner him in the shower for a blowjob -again. It took some fast-talking on his part, but Gregg finally left him alone. But only after Damien calmly explained that he'd met his blowjob quota for the day. After the crisis was over, he made his way back to the room and waited patiently on the bed for his 'date' with Scott later that evening.

About six-thirty, Scott wandered in looking hot as hell -in a good way. Damien loved it when he came in all pumped up and sweaty after his practices and rarely missed a chance to welcome him home. Scott glanced up when he came through the door and gave Damien one of those award winning grins that lit up his strange violet eyes, and then turned to the closet and pulled out a fresh T-shirt.

Oh goody! A free strip tease! Damien's day was looking up indeed. It took every ounce of his willpower not to reach down and give his cock a squeeze while he enjoyed the show. And he nearly groaned out loud as those large muscles in Scott's wide back shifted and bulged under that golden skin with each movement. How could any man be this sexy and still be allowed to walk around in public?

"Quit staring at me Damien!" Oops! Busted again! But he just shrugged it off, since it wasn't like it was the first time he'd been caught. Then Damien looked up at his Adonis with a sexy grin and licked at his lips invitingly.

"Stop looking so damn hawt gorgeous!" Scott blushed and laughed at him, then walked over to give him a playful shove.

"You're such a perv Energizer. Does that thing ever stop going?" Scott glanced down at Damien's lap where the evidence of his approval was clearly on display, then shook his head, and reached up to pull his shirt on. Damien licked his lips again at the new, improved, and much closer, frontal view of Scott's massive chest and giggled as his roommate blushed again and moved away.

"You wanna find out?" That would be nice. Scott's eyes widened at Damien's flippant offer, and his eyes dropped to Damien's dampened lips for a moment, then his blush deepened, and he turned away with a chuckle.

"Just get your shit and come on man. If you want to eat something tonight we'd better hurry up!"

"Oh shit! You're right! Come-on, we don't wanna get stuck with that gross Salisbury steak shit. Ewww it's nasty!"

Damien jumped up off of the bed and grabbed his trig book, then dashed out the door towards the cafeteria. His food was something he took very seriously! Finally through the line and one Salisbury steak richer, they found a nice table in the back where they could eat in peace. Then they sat there, cramming down their food for several minutes of silence, until Damien could build up the nerve to ask Scott about the homecoming dance.

"You guys still going to that dance thing tomorrow night?" Damien asked casually as he bit the bullet and got right to the point. He needed info, and Scott was the only one he could really ask about it.

"Yeah, why? You wanna go with us?" The casual invitation surprised him. Scott didn't usually invite Damien along with him and his jock buddies. He thought about it seriously for a minute, since it would be so much easier to just tag along and spend time with his roomy. Then Damien realized that he'd have to sit in the corner and watch, while Scott was all over some high school chick instead of dancing with him. This thought convinced Damien to stick with the plan.

"Nah, just wondering how you planned to sneak in is all. Don't you have to buy tickets or something for those things?" He sure as hell hoped not because he had no idea how to get hold of any. Scott and his friends, on the other hand, had been crashing these parties for years.

"Terry said they have a thing set up at the mall where you can get them and it's run by some girls from the school. If you slip them an extra five bucks, they'll give you one without checking for school ID." Scott shrugged like this should have been common knowledge. It was news to Damien though. Valuable news too. Maybe this wouldn't be as hard as he'd originally thought. Still, Damien wanted to make sure he covered all the bases.

"Don't they check ID's at the door or something like that? It would suck to get busted going in. They'd probably report you guys to the school and you'd all get detention for a month." Scott grinned at him and reached over to ruffle his hair like he was a young puppy and Damien's heart sped up at the rare show of affection. He'd have given almost anything to have that big hand wrapped around his cock for just five minutes.

"It's nice to know you're worried about us, but they don't check ID at the door since you have to show it to get the tickets. Besides, a lot of the students there bring dates from other high schools. There's also a bunch of older kids who've graduated and gone on to college who have boyfriends and girlfriends still there, and they come back to attend the dances with them. It's all good. We've done it for years and never got caught. Morgan County High School is a lot bigger than our school, so it's easy to blend in. They don't think much about it if they see a new face."

"Cool. Now about this trig test I got coming up. These algorithms are killing me…" Damien kept a neutral expression on his face although he was grinning from ear to ear on the inside.

He was one step closer to completing his mission. Now he just needed to find a way to skip classes tomorrow so that he could meet up with James at the mall. With the mental list he'd worked out during the day, Damien already had a good idea of the dress, hairstyle, and makeup he'd be looking for. Now it was just a matter of containing his excitement long enough to get to the dance tomorrow night. Damien was locked, loaded, and ready to go! This was gonna be easy as pie!

* * *