I wrote this as an essay for my Chorus teacher. Not what you'd really expect.

Question: What did you learn in Chorus this year?

This year, I learned so much in Chorus. I learned to not be as afraid when singing in front of people. Even though I'm not good enough for Chamber Choir, that doesn't mean I should stop singing. Sure, I'll always be inferior and overshadowed by them, but I can still kind of sing, right…? What do I care what they think; I'll only be seeing them every day of my high school career. I've learned to ignore the horrible feeling of inferiority that I get when I hear them sing and replace it with awe. I've learned to accept the fact that I'll never be good enough for them and to enjoy what little talent I have at singing.

I've learned that you can't change the past, only alter the future. Maybe I'll get better at singing now that I've learned to sight read. Maybe I'll even try for a solo at my church choir. Maybe I'll get it, or maybe I'll humiliate myself. But isn't the fact that I tried good enough? I've learned that practice makes perfect, or as close to perfect as I can get, which is pretty far off, but hey, doesn't the fact that I tried my best count the most?

I've learned many different things about beats and rests and exactly how to count them. Even though they'll always beat me at singing and never rest until they've let me know it, isn't it the thought that counts? I finally (somewhat) understand sharps and flats. Even though their words are sharp and my dignity is repeatedly trampled until it's flat against the ground, at least I'll understand. I've learned that my life is pointless and I should just stop trying. Thank you, Mr. DePersio, for these wonderful life lessons.

Yeah, so this was really sarcastic. I didn't hand this in; I wrote a less sarcastic one for him. Review if you found it interesting.