I put the mug down on the coffee table
Like loosening your belt after a long meal
I stare pointedly across the room to you
Knowing what I'm about to ask sounds ludicrous
But knowing just as well that I must ask it
There's only so much you can guarantee,
I start off, and you know something's on my mind
But you're patient and wait for me to tell you
I clear my throat, but let silence fall before I speak
Well if you can, and of course it's okay if it,
You know, doesn't work out but,
Maybe you could be there when I'm dying
And hold my hand until I'm gone?
Your face doesn't let out what you might be thinking
But I have guesses, though not worth mentioning
Finally you let out a sigh, had you been holding your breath?
Sure, you say, so casual, like this is normal
I'll try to, I mean, no guarantees, but…
And of course we both understand how life can be sometimes
So I don't press you to explain
And with a quick glance out the window
We change the subject