The glass breaks between us
Big, thick, sharp fragments
All over the floor
Your rubber soles protect you but
I happen to have gone barefoot
Not sure what to do now but
Stand still

I don't like to talk about it but
If you don't mind sharing me
I'd be happy to cut both feet open all over
Just to reach across this gap
And hold you
I mean, if you're not doing anything
It might be nice

There isn't a whole lot to talk about
Lines like "I need to go to bed soon"
"I have to go"
"I need to go inside now"
Don't hurt as much if you remind me
"I love you"
Of course that only works
If you do

The glass breaks between us
And you know too much
And I am too small
Not to run across the fragments
To close the gap
To break every bone in my body
Just to spend my last seconds
In your arms