The Pool of Religion

Ignorance is our bliss,

Blind faith our eternal treasure

We carve our gods in our own image;

Our Narcissistic pleasure.


We trout in the sacred stream,

We salmon in the holy pool,

We pollute the divine dream

We make all religion cruel.


The hazelnuts of wisdom

Are buried in the mire

Our noses stir the bottom

Of the deep well of desire.


The riverbed is hatred,

Ground from contentions bones

We've forgotten all that's sacred;

Our mouths still fling those stones.


And if we look towards the surface

Reflected there is guilt;

So we churn the pool to ripples

And agitate the silt.


Racism fills this murky pond,

Choked by the weeds of hate.

We, ignorant, in the water hang

And watch it all stagnate.


Nature sends this warning;

To rid the pool of pain

Or She, with dreadful hand of drought,

Will still it once again.