I am Dioblo Lucian GaZette, age 31, unaccredited philosopher and psychiatrist, but mostly I find myself to me a wondering vagabond scourged by my fellow man. Though it may sound like I live penniless, I secured a wealthy financial plan in my youth, which should secure my family for generations to come. And so for the past six year, I've wondered this earth looking, and though I lived only a few years, the knowledge I have attainted has left me feeling ageless, as if I am as old as the years the man has written his history. Even though as I have gained much in wisdom, I also have gained much in sorrow. Waking every day to a broken world. Man against man. Country against country. Culture against culture. Sexism, racism, idealism, some idiotic thought of supremacy. I cry a creed for man's sake. May they not destroy themselves.

-November 09, 2000

Life. What is it's meaning, I could only hope to fathom. In my hopeless searches for the inexpiable truth, I have been left more confused, and empty than when my searches began.

At least in my grief for man, I've been able to find and live with one intellectual who understood these things. But at least that time was good. But at last even she was not able to fend off against this world. As most men are, she meet with mankind most horrid plague, conformity. And like the plague it was, she was consumed in it's black death, and smothered out of the minds of men.

September 10, 2001

Maybe today I find some truth. Tomorrow I've have a meeting in New York, maybe hope for men is not lost.