Is it improper?

Have I overstepped some line I cannot see?

Forgive me, for all I know are your voices.

The sound is nearly unbearable.

Day after day,

Night after night,

All I hear are your voices.

They echo inside my head,

Forever whispering the unthinkable.

Yet I must pretend I am deaf to them.

You choose your battlefields very well,

The shape of the land throws back your whispers,

So tauntingly, they come as screams to me.

How can you stand the noise?

Aren't you closer to your own mouth than I am?

Have you stuffed your ears, just to find refuge?

Well, forgive me for not knowing the trick,

But let me fill you in on one of my own.

Above this valley, away from the great crowds,

The mountain reaches for the heavens.

And I know that while climbing to the summit,

I can finally escape you--

And hear no noise ever again.

Finally, on that pinnacle,

I can silently commune with the stars.