You can say everything you want,
About me being a sad, bitter bitch...
And blah, blah, blah...
But if you really think so,
Why the hell do you care?
And shouldn't it be a lot easier to get a reaction?
Granted I definitely have my bitchy, bitter moments,
But not as half as many as you.

And I guarantee if I wanted a reaction from anyone,
I'd get one in the blink of an eye,
Not just a pitifully tossed back comment,
A person's strongest will being broken in just a few simple words.

And of all things to waste anger on, a boy?
I'm sorry I don't like your spineless, whiny little boy-toy,
And you can't make drama out of anything else,
Oh wait,
No, I'm really not,
So why don't you save everybody the boredom of it,
And go cry yourself to sleep…


Originally written: I'm estimating but I'd say February of 2007 (Junior Year).