Everyone's mad at me,
And I guess I'm a little bit mad at most of them too,
You of all people have no excuses,
I stood by you while your world fell apart,
And then I helped you pick it up, piece by piece by piece,
So naturally you're going to trust her judgment over mine,
What happened to the nonconformist way of thinking?

Right now you're acting almost identically to all those "Boo-hoo my boyfriend dumped me" little pricks,
You wanted to escape that, remember?
Wasn't that at least part of the reason for all the drugs?
I hope when you fall apart this time,
The shards of glass cut your skin like a blade to paper.

"Friends are like potatoes,
If you eat them, they die."

Originally Written: Uh...I think this was June of 2007, might have been April too though.