Wandering around your old town,
Letting the waves of the beach keep crashing down,
Let them wash me away,
They try to convince me to stay.

Driving on and again,
My old memories burning too fresh,
Sad angry music on my radio,
And every song reminds me of you.

Run away with me,
In this land of demented fairytales,
We'll burn down castles and sleep in the sand,
Just trust me once, just take my hand.

I should have been insulted,
I should have stayed strong,
But your sexy little smirk,
Always changed my mind.

Now my red cheeks are salt-stained,
Wet, as my will is broken once again,
So take me now while I'm still weak,
Because if I recover you're going under.

Run away with me,
Toward the sun of California,
We'll run through the heat,
And let it rub off on our thoughts.

Don't wake me now,
In my dreams I'm happy and full,
Now in this hazy morning glow,
The ache you left feels hard and dull.

So run me away with you,
Take me before you leave,
Feel my hair flow in the wind,
I can't let this pass again.

Originally written: This was definitely January of '08. It's after I got my little black notebook with all the musical notes and the recycled paper. I think this one is the one I used for my senior project 'Valentine's Poem' assignment.