I guess I should find this ironic,
You'd be so proud of yourself if you knew,
You finally got your little one up,
I can't stop thinking about you,
Are you happy now?

Everyone I should love,
Everyone I should care about,
Traded in for this hope that someday,
It'll all be worth if I see you again.

And it's just another if,
And I hate being unsure of things,
I hate my own bullshit,
And I hate you.

If you were here,
You'd just give that cocky smirk,
And I'd swoon all over again,
Because you know every part of me,
Adamant as I usually am to admit it,
I'm not as innocent or boring…
Or anything else that I am to anyone else,
I'm just me,
And it's been a long time since I've been myself.

We were walking the other day,
And she turned to me and said,
"He's the one, you know?"
And it could only be you,
Who I hadn't paid my dues to in years,
That was clogging my thoughts.

Maybe that's my thing though,
It's not so easy to realize when you love/hate someone.

Originally written: Definitely sophmore year, but no idea when, because I remember the person saying that to me and I remember thinking of him. And I definitely wasn't in my Junior depression yet. I'd say spring, if I had to further guess.