You called me,
You told me I loved you,
And I guess you were right,
Now take you smug little smirk,
And get it out,
Out of my head,
Out of my cold black heart,
And stop contaminating every damn thing that happens to me.

Love is friendship lit on fire?
You need hate to love more than friendship,
Anger, angst, loathing,
That's what really lights things smoking,
You need water to fight the burn though,
And you need fresh brush to clear the ashes of the past,
All I've got is dust to dust though.

I can't love anymore,
And what's worse,
I can't hate either,
I'm not even stuck between a rock and a hard place,
I'm stuck between a brick wall and a brick wall,
Fresh out of bombs…
It's torture not having you,
So light a fire under your ass,
Or at least mine,
I need some new inspiration,
This absence makes the heart grow fonder deal is getting stale.

Originally written: No idea. I'm gonna guess junior year 'cause it sucks and junior year was not good for inspiration. So...Early 2007.