You make commitments in the worst ways,
You made me want, you made me hate,
Then you took it all away,
And I was left with too little, too late.

Words on paper,
Lyrics in a song,
Lines from a movie,
All right, no wrong,
Your empty words mean more to me,
Than the fullest sentence anyone has given me in so long.

There's always other people,
They're honest happiness, there honest eyes,
With the laughter that shapes their lives,
But all I could ever want is your dirty little lies.

Sex on TV,
Passion on the bed,
A kiss on the cheek,
And it's all in my head,
If you can't give it all to me,
Give me blood at least it's red.

When do I feel comfort in these promises,
Letting strange odds go for miles?
How do I take comfort in their simple little thoughts,
Or their empty looking smiles?

But you know what I am,
How I speak, how I write,
And if you can find me,
I'm up for the fight.

Originally Written: February 2008. I actually like this one, despite the awful rhyming.