I wanted to fall in love with you.
I haven't ever wanted that before,
I've always wanted control or power,
Or something else along the same stupid lines,
And I know I'm scary when I'm driven,
That I get jealous or angry or I push too hard,
But I'm so used to fighting what I feel,
I obviously should have this time.

I don't blame you,
For running and hiding,
I've resorted to it before.
The thing is though,
We're supposed to be friends first,
I would never leave you out in the cold,
Not if you need me that much.

Then again, I was never like that,
So superficial and afraid of what people thought,
But if you care that much about your self-preservation,
You should probably go fuck yourself,
Because haven't you already told me no-one else will?

"No, I'm not afraid of love; if I've got nothing to lose,
No, I'm not afraid of love; I've got something to prove."
-Not Listening, Papa Roach

Originally Written: Probably summer of 08. Maybe fall.