You said I was selfish,
Which is ironic,
I sacrifice for the people I really care about,
And all you do is take,
You always have.

You try to pretend that you're the most innocent girl in the world,
Every time you want something you don't get,
You act deprived and under-privileged and you cry and kick and scream,
Even on Christmas when it's over a box of caramel candy that I got,
And people give in every time.

Even though it breaks her back,
And she's deserves someone twice as good as you to love her,
Because her heart is bigger than her head,
And unlike the Grinch's,
Yours will stay ten sizes too small.

You could have made the most of it,
Used it to get somewhere in life,
Instead you got drunk,
And you got drugged up,
And now you're knocked up again.

And it'll happen again,
You're only acting like a good person right now to save your own ass,
Like you always do when it's necessary,
You aren't fooling anyone, acting like life just treated you unfairly,
Pretending you're the victim.

You'll never be anything more than trash,
You never have,
Everything you do is produced by you, for you.
You can give a rat a bath,
And you can put it in fancy clothes,
But it'll never be a mouse,
And it'll always leave a pile of shit in the middle of the floor.

Originally Written: Thanksgiving 2008. I actually feel kind of bad for it now, because I'm not mad anymore. And the second time seemed to change things but I'm posting everything that's on the computer.