Take cover,
Shield what is yours,
Get up and move,
Get what you own.

The orders are so simple in your head yet so complex to act,
The wrong person walks by at the wrong time and suddenly you're MIA.

Your nerves are rough as they move closer,
The constant threat keeps your heart beating at the same fast and alarming rate,
And sometimes all you want to do is go home,
But there's a nagging thought that you need this to survive there.

You could try to rise up and revolt,
But the stakes are straight through your chest sometimes,
You know even if you do manage to escape,
The biggest parts of you will be left behind.

Originally written: I wanna say March of 2009. I know it's when we were watching All Quiet On The Western Front and John Boy from the Walton's played the lead. And I was thinking about how ironic it is that they were speaking English in a movie about the war from the German's side.