In movies, when some realizes you need them, they come running,
In reality, you usually end up alone anyways,
In movies, people can always put the past behind them,
In reality, it's never so easy,
Because here I am again.

And yes, I have put the majority of my past behind me,
On certain days though,
It's all I can do to keep myself burst into tears,
And relapsing into,
With all the angry and depressed and backstabbing people in my life,
It's amazing I've lasted this long.

I'm so clingy yet so independent,
I'm always stuck on one person,
I'm forever walking away from another,
They say other men's crosses are not yours to carry,
And they're not, but I can't seem to get rid of them,
Not until I get out of here,
I just don't know how,
I do know I've never wanted anything so badly though.

"When everything inside of me,
Looks like everything I hate,
You are the hope I have for change,
You are the only chance I'll take."
-On Fire, Switchfoot